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The Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge can be seen departing the plane with their family, at Aberdeen this morning (main). The royal couple boarded the 8.45am economy FlyBe flight from Norwich, on what is thought to be a family break. A passenger on the plane who spotted them said: 'The family were sat right at the front. I fly this route all the time and we were non the wiser. No-one knew they were on the flight. Later on I realised that Kate's mother was sat a few rows in front of me.' It comes as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have found themselves embroiled into a hypocrisy row after being pictured leaving the south of France on Saturday, their fourth trip by private jet (inset).

Yak Dut bashed two female cops but said he won't go to jail because he's black

A man who bashed two female cops and threatened to kill them with their own guns told police he wouldn't go to jail because he's black. Yak Dut was pursued by the female police officers when they saw him driving a Volkswagen with a missing wheel in February last year in Mill Park, near Melbourne. The then-21-year-old stopped outside his house in South Morang and assaulted the officers so violently they were rushed to hospital. 

The man known as Danny has not been been seen or heard from in three days and is believed to have been travelling north of Cairns to the tiny locality of Somerset in Far North Queensland.

For a half the price of a beach-side unit in Sydney, it is possible to buy houses and apartments in regional coastal areas where the unemployment rate is well below the national average.

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The 41-year-old NSW man on Friday pleaded guilty to smashing the 13-year-old's phone, but denied assaulting her during an argument over chocolate wrappers at their Central Coast home on March 8.

Australian travel insurer InsureandGo has shared the 10 surprising rules around carry-on luggage that you never knew about - and the unusual items you can take on board a plane.

Stephanie Corbett, now 22, said her Uber driver waited until he had dropped her two friends home in Melbourne before he acted inappropriately toward her.

South Australian police have urged people to be vigilant after a rise in reports of 'remote access scams', where victims are contacted and convinced to install an app that can access the device.

Sister of woman accused of beheading their mother in Sydney knife attack breaks her

Jessica Camilleri, 25, is accused of stabbing her mother Rita Camilleri, 57, to death in St Clair, western Sydney on July 21 before cutting off her head and tossing it onto a neighbour's lawn. With her sister behind bars after being charged with murder, Kristi Torrisi said she struggled to find the words to describe the pain her family is going through.

Matthew Steffensen, 35, from Upper Coomera in Queensland's Gold Coast was caught encouraging his dog Buddy to lick cream off his genitals after police found five videos.

The third Test between England and Australia gets underway at Headingley on Thursday morning after the potentially-momentum swinging draw at Lord's. Join JAMES DUTTON for live coverage.

Doctors who treated the unidentified man at the Lincoln Hospital, New York, published the tale in a medical journal. The bullet was found in his left thigh, after travelling through his penis.

NEW While stopping short of naming China directly, Mr Morrison said Australia would stand alongside Vietnam in preserving the country's sovereignty - as tensions rise in the South China Sea.

Jamie Oliver is reduced to tears as he returns to his empty Fifteen restaurant in London and admits he 'didn't know' how to run business after it collapsed with loss of 1,000 jobs

Jamie Oliver returned to the site of his first ever Fifteen restaurant in east London (bottom right) and was reduced to tears (left) as he told Davina McCall he had been 'naive' in running his businesses. The 44-year-old appeared on Channel 4 documentary Jamie Oliver: The Naked Chef Bares All (top right) following the collapse of his Fifteen, Jamie's Italian and Barbecoa brands which saw 1,000 people lose their jobs and more than 20 restaurants close. Oliver broke down in tears as he walked around the site, which he opened in 2002, and said the 'hardest part' was telling his staff they no longer had jobs.

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: Dr Binh Nguyen works at Healthy Feet Podiatry, a clinic in Tampa, Florida, that has amassed 160,000 subscribers for its gory videos on YouTube.

FILE - In this May 23 2019 file photo, Southern Connecticut State University professor Vincent Breslin holds a sample of water that contains possible microplastics at the North Haven Water Treatment Plant on Universal Drive.  The World Health Organization says the levels of microplastics in drinking water don't appear to be risky, but that more research is needed into their effects on the environment and health.   A WHO report released Wednesday, Aug. 21,  said the minuscule plastics are ubiquitous in the environment and have been found in both tap and bottled drinking water. (Bailey Wright/Record-Journal via AP)

For decades we've been ingesting tiny bits of plastic that break off larger ones or come from beauty products. Scientists at the World Health Organization said they pose no immediate health risks.

One of the four girls he shares with ex-wife Natalie Joyce shared an article regarding her father's involvement in the anti-abortion rally held in Sydney, objecting to his support of the movement.

Former Masterchef Australia judge Matt Preston has slammed some of the most popular dining trends of 2019, including Instagram hashtags and restaurants not taking reservations.

VMAs producers 'begged' Beyonce to stay after Kanye West-Taylor Swift row in 2009

Kanye famously jumped on stage in New York to declare that Beyonce (top right) should have won the Best Female Video prize which had just gone to Swift (left). When Beyonce did eventually win the main Video of the Year prize she brought Swift back on stage, hugged her and let her finish her acceptance speech. The new account also reveals how singer P!nk (bottom right) confronted Kanye during a commercial break to 'give him her two cents'. In addition, producers said that Kanye was only moved into the front row 'at the eleventh hour' when they realised there were too few men in the front seats.

Australian customers are scrambling to find a miniature collectable that resembles a Coles gift card as it's revealed they can earn you free flights and a number of electronics.

20-million-year-old skull suggests complex brain evolution in primates (AMNH/N Wong and M Ellison/PA)

Research on a fossil discovered high in the Andes mountains of Chile indicates brain enlargement occurred repeatedly over time but with occasional decreases in size.

The Queensland premier's department has revealed the identity of a secret intelligence agent in what it says was an 'administrative error' that won't happen again.

The victims are posting allegations of infidelity, domestic abuse and rape on the UK based groups, which boast up to 100,000 members, with names, address and photos.

Health experts have revealed the real reasons why drinking alcohol can lead to unexpected calories - and it's not just due to 'sugary' mixed drinks and 'high carb' beer.

EXCLUSIVE: Sexual health nurses from family-planning charities Marie Stopes UK and the Family Planning Association run through the benefits, and drawbacks, of the most popular contraceptives.

Pippa Middleton is glowing as she soaks up the sun in a polka dot dress on a stroll with

Socialite Pippa Middleton, 35, was spotted strolling through Chelsea, west London, with her 10-month-old son Arthur. She was clearly enjoying the sunny weather in a chic navy and white summer strappy dress (left) with a cool polka dot and stripe design. Pippa let her long locks flow behind her in the breeze as she pushed the pram, while cheeky Arthur was seen leaning out while they walked along the bustling high street (right).

The sacred Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca may be threatened by climate change, a new study has found. Researchers at MIT found climate change will make it unbearably humid and hot.

Roberta Williams even asked underworld figure Mick Gatto for help in getting Nicola Gobbo killed or bashed amid rumours the Victorian barrister was informing to police on her criminal clients.

Wannabe Instagram influencer blames social media for her $20,000 debt after splurging on a six-week trip to the US she couldn't afford

An Instagrammer who racked up a $20,000 debt so she could live like an influencer is blaming the social media platform for her spending habits. Fiona Melbul, 27, said she spent thousands on holidays so she could post photos on Instagram - and 'felt good' when her friends told her how jealous they were, A Current Affair reported. 'You take those 10, 20 shots to take the perfect one, post on social media, then you wait for your friends to see it. Then you get all those comments of them being jealous. It makes me feel good that I can do that,' she said.

An Australian fashion boutique has shared a photo of their latest trousers and silken top set on social media, only for it to be roasted by customers for being impractical and 'lacking in material'.

EXCLUSIVE - MATT LAWTON: Christian Coleman, the world's fastest man for the last three years, is fighting for his reputation over an alleged series of missed drugs tests.

Basketball fans who paid up to $500 to watch the Boomers play USA are told they will get

The Boomers may have gone into Thursday nights Australia versus USA all-star basketball match at Melbourne's Marvel Stadium as underdogs, but they are going toe to toe with the visitors.  The lead up to the game has been controversial with fans complaining of stars backing out and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission launching an investigation into false advertising.  While fans didn't get to see all the stars they wanted at the basketball clash some could end actually up with more close encounters than they bargained for - with plastic seating set up court-side to accommodate the 50,000 strong crowd.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has warned 911 cars in Mercedes-Benz's GLE Class - worth up to $200,000 - may short circuit and pose a fire hazard.

Home and Away star Ben Unwin found dead at notorious suicide waterfall

Home and Away star Ben Unwin (pictured centre with co-star Kate Ritchie, top and bottom left) seemingly had it all. Blessed with rugged good looks and a sharp intelligence to match, Unwin was a fan favourite from the moment he first appeared as Jesse McGregor on the long running soap in 1996. But with stardom beckoning, Unwin suddenly turned his back on the spotlight in 2005 and re-invented himself as a successful lawyer. Last week, the 41-year-old was found dead at the bottom of Minyan Fills in a remote forest west of Byron Bay (right). The spectacular waterfall with a 100m drop over a sheer cliff face is a known deathtrap that has claimed numerous lives in recent years. Local Aboriginal tribes also talk 'of the spot being cursed or having bad spirits'.

Former Rep. Joe Walsh plans to announce a primary challenge to Donald Trump as other critics - like John Kasich and Jeff Flake - mull running as part of an anti-Trump group in the GOP.

Researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution say that there is no chance that the iron-60 isotope they discovered in Antarctica was made by humans.

Who is Emma Chamberlain? Teen influencer becomes the darling of the fashion world

NEW In just two years, California-born influencer Emma Chamberlain, 18, has become the world's most talked-about Gen Z social media star. Her relaxed, natural videos, left, have earned eight million followers on YouTube. Her profile continued to skyrocket after YouTube sent her to Paris Fashion Week to sit front row at Louis Vuitton, left. Karlie Kloss, inset, said that a recent video that she filmed and edited in the teen's signature style has become her most popular upload ever.

A man who sliced open a woman's face with a machete and cut her partner's arm to the bone during a botched Gold Coast robbery says she just got in the way.

The Reject Shop has swung to a full-year loss of $16.9 million following writedowns and disappointing sales, breaching its banking covenants in the process.

Inside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's private jet

Pictures have revealed the lavish interior of the Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign plane used by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their private flights to and from Nice (pictured inset). The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been accused of hypocrisy having previously spoken of 'making a difference' to the future of the planet and the need for 'urgent intervention' only to then increase their own carbon footprint through use of private jets. Now images (pictured clockwise from top left) have revealed the luxury they enjoy inside the 12-seater £15million plane including plush seats, spreads of fine cuisine, huge bathrooms and personal television monitors.

'The best fight I've seen in 32 years': Moment two massive saltwater crocodiles named Scarface and Lumpy brawl in a river in Outback Australia 

NEW Two massive saltwater crocodiles bare their teeth during a terrifying battle over territory. Footage captured by tourists during a tour along Queensland's Daintree River showed the male crocodiles named Scarface and Lumpy swimming side-by-side before biting at each other, Cairns Post reported. Tour operator Bruce Belcher can be heard in the video explaining why bubbles started to appear around one of the reptiles.

An explosion at a the White Sea missile range in the village of Nyonoksa killed five scientists and lead to a radiation spike in the area. Two of the victims died from radiation sickness and not the blast.

Any Australian knows meat pies and sausage rolls are the true blue food staples. But a new poll has sparked debate over the perfect 'servo' snack - so which iconic food do you think is better?

Baby-faced killer's chilling confession to police after murdering a mother by choking her until she passed out before tying her up and throwing her into a river

The killer of Donna Steele,(pictured inset) a mother of two, has revealed the moment he strangled her in a chilling confession video. Matthew Ross White (left and right) was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday after pleading guilty to murdering Ms Steele and dumping her body in a crocodile infested river in August 2017 in Cooktown, Queensland, Cairns Post reported. White, 27, and a father himself, confessed to the brutal attack in an interview with Detective Sergeant John Scott McGrath that was shown to the Cairns Supreme Court. In the interviews, Mr White admitted to strangling Ms Steele until she passed out before tying her hands and dumping her in the nearby river to ensure she was dead.

In his memoir, Gianni Russo, 75, said he met Marilyn Monroe when working in a hair salon in New York. She invited him to The Waldorf where she was staying and met him wearing only a white towel.

Neighbours star Bonnie Anderson reveals she's moved on from drug-using boyfriend and found

Anderson, 24, (left) was given a good behaviour bond after she pleaded guilty to failing to inform authorities her then partner Matt Arnautovic (pictured together inset) was driving her car when he sped away from police in 2017. The actress and singer shared a photo on Instagram on Sunday of her alongside her Sydney-based beau Jordan Simi.

Two teenage brothers lured a six-year-old girl into their home in Uttar Pradesh, India and gang-raped and strangled her. When their mother found out her boys' crime, she helped to hide the body.

Chinese police have claimed that a worker at Britain's Hong Kong consulate was detained in Shenzhen for 'hiring prostitutes'. The news was revealed by state newspaper Global Times.

Meghan Markle is 'riding above' the private jet storm, royal sources claim

Meghan Markle, 38, and Prince Harry, 34, who have been vocal on environmental issues and recently urged their Instagram followers to do 'their little bit of good', provoked outrage and were branded 'hypocrites' for flying on gas-guzzling private planes four times in 11 days this month (left, on Saturday). However sources told Katie Nicholl at Vanity Fair that the Duchess is 'moving on and riding above the storm' and is instead focused on 'bigger things' like the launch of her new charity clothing range for Smart Works. Pictured right, Harry and Meghan last month.

Fit gran, 63, with abs of steel works out FIVE times a week

Lesley Maxwell, 63, from Melbourne, pictured, works out five times a week has told how her muscles have helped her date men decades younger than her. Although she is a grandmother to three kids, Lesely's routine now sees her at the gym five times a week for an hour-long session, which includes deadlifts, squats, chest press, and ab exercise, seen working out inset.


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Maori group claims valuable piece of land in Sydney's west because 'their ancestors were gifted it 200 years ago' - and they're even charging for parking and demanding compensation

A group of Maori people are calling for valuable land in Sydney's west to be handed over to them, claiming they were gifted the area by Aboriginal people more than 200 years ago.    The Rangihou people say their king was handed the land in Parramatta by leaders of the Burramattagal Clan back in 1811 after they were first invited over from New Zealand. The 45-hectare parcel of land lies in an eastern section of central Parramatta. 'We are Ngati Rangihou Corrangie Hapu and we are here to reclaim Rangihou land,' the group's leader Lady Crown (left) told 9 News.

Paedophile priest George Pell will remain behind bars after his appeal against a conviction for sexually abusing two choirboys was dismissed by the Victorian Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Police busted the elderly residents who were allegedly getting hot and heavy at Grace Richardson Conservation area in Fairfield last week, during a police crackdown on public hookups.

An Australian couple who sold all of their possessions to fund full-time travel with their five youngest children have revealed how they balance their schedule and home school the kids on the go.

Mother-of-two Kirby Barr from the Gold Coast was tired of packing her son's lunch into multiple containers only to have the food heat up by the end of the day anyway.

Never-before-seen footage shows Chinese tech giant Huawei's CFO Meng Wanzhou detained by Canadian border agents at Vancouver airport before being arrested under the request of the US

Never-before-seen footage has been released showing Chinese tech giant Huawei's executive Meng Wanzhou detained at the Vancouver International Airport right before she was arrested by Canadian police under a U.S. warrant last December. The CCTV video was presented by Ms Meng's lawyers to a Canadian court to prove the 47-year-old had been unlawfully detained and questioned by border agents during a stopover in 'a covert criminal investigation'. The footage emerged as political tensions between China and Canada escalate.

The outspoken leader of the One Nation Party said the social media site shut down her account for violating Twitter rules following her comments on protesters in Brisbane.

Iranian state television showed President Hassan Rouhani attending an unveiling ceremony for the Bavar-373 system, which it described as a competitor to the Russian S-300 missile system.

Lord Mountbatten was 'devastated by sexually obsessed wife Edwina's affairs'

British historian Andrew Lownie has claimed that the late Lord Mountbatten and his wife Edwina spent their married lives engaging in a stream of affairs. In his new biography The Mountbattens: Their Lives and Loves, the author told how the last viceroy of India, who was assassinated in 1979 by an IRA bomb aged 79, was initially devastated by wife Edwina's affairs. The late Edwina, who was hailed as 'England's most beautiful woman' at the time she married Louis, the uncle of Prince Philip, was described as 'sex obsessed', and reportedly embarked on as many as 18 affairs - including Indian Prime Minister Nehru (seen inset centre), singer Leslie 'Hutch' Hutchinson (left inst). They are seen, right, on their wedding day in 1922.

The father of a Queensland boy who died while under the care of his aunt after she denied him  medical care because of the abuse he sustained at her hands has broken his silence.

Laurel Lupschen called Paul Wood from Brisbane Backyard Bees to remove the the sizeable hive in Bracken Ridge, north of Brisbane, last Saturday after it was recently discovered.

Inside the eerie abandoned remains of a historic rocket development facility in Florida

Crumbling ceilings and peeling walls feature among eerie images that show an abandoned rocket development facility in southern Florida. A test silo with NASA emblazoned on the side stands out amid the deserted interior at the Aerojet Dade Rocket Development Facility that once competed to take man to the moon. Other striking shots show a chain link fence topped with barbed wire warning of no admittance, graffiti on the walls and exposed metal work and pipes.

The One Nation leader had been a vocal critic of the upcoming ban and even attempted to defiantly scale the sacred site in the Northern Territory on Thursday.

An Adelaide man who stabbed a stranger so hard the knife broke one of his victim's ribs and sliced through his liver and a kidney, has been jailed for eight years.

Brody Jenner recently broke-up with his longtime girlfriend and 'wife' Kaitlynn Carter.The 30-year-old and her new rumored girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, sent him a weed bouquet for his 36th birthday.

Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands at funeral for Princess

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (far left, left image) joined the procession as his aunt Princess Christina's coffin (right) was taken from the Dome of Fagel, where it had been laid for public viewing, to the Coach House, where the cremation will be held, at Noordeinde Palace in the Hague this morning. Publicity shy Princess Christina (inset), who was half blind, died last week at the age of 72 following a battle with bone cancer.

Kate Beckinsale, 46, showed off a very different look on the set of her latest Hollywood film - with her naturally dark locks replaced by a choppy blonde bob.

Damian Tiahaiere Rakatau, 42, was jailed for 13 years over the deaths of 10-year-old Ruana Panicker and her four-year-old brother Immanual after the cars collided in Melbourne's west.

Prince Andrew brushes off Jeffrey Epstein fallout with a spot of golf

Hitting his ball down the fairway without a care in the world, Prince Andrew today put the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal behind him to enjoy a £500 round of golf. The 59-year-old royal was pictured at the Real Club Valderrama, one of the most exclusive courses in Europe, in the South of Spain. 'He looked very relaxed, and simply interested in his golf ball,' said another player on the course in Sotogrande, Sat Rogue, close to Gibraltar. Andrew, wearing a light blue polo shirt and cream slacks, is thought to have left his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson at the pool in the nearby villa where they are enjoying a short holiday.

Crust Pizza has been named the best quick service restaurant of the month according to the latest research by Roy Morgan. The gourmet pizza bar beat out stiff competition from others.

Kitchen voted 'most likeable' in New Zealand revealed

The designer responsible for the 'most likeable' kitchen in New Zealand has revealed how she renovated the space to keep it modern yet functional. The award-winning kitchen beat out 77 other entrants and won the title after 2,000 members of the public voted for it. Designer Jaimi Brunton from Native Timber Joinery took on the brief to overhaul the award-winning space and told FEMAIL her client wanted a kitchen that kept some historic elements but had a contemporary twist.

Miraculous moment Russian five year old is saved by rescuers after four days in the woods alone being stalked by a BEAR 

A Russian five year old has escaped the clutches of a ravenous brown bear after being rescued by emergency services. Zarina Avgonina, had gotten lost after trying to follow her grandmother after she had gone mushroom picking. The girl was found four days later with bear tracks seeming to follow after her own.

Auckland residents are getting creeped out after a stolen antique doll was returned to a museum without its scalp within two days of the alleged theft. 

Barack and Michelle Obama 'buy' Martha's Vineyard estate from Boston Celtics owner Wyc

The home is on the market for $14.85 million, and features a seven-bedroom, nine bathroom, 7000sqft main residence, as well as 29 beachfront acres, a pool, chef's kitchen, outdoor fireplace, and two guest wings. Clearly enjoying life after the White House, the former President and First Lady rented out the home for the summer and loved it so much they made an offer, but they haven't paid the full asking price. Grousbeck has had the property on the market for four years, first listing in 2015,  for $22.5 million.

Liam Hemsworth has hired the best Hollywood divorce lawyer money can buy following his separation from wife-of-seven-months Miley Cyrus.

Footage of 1920s Britain has been unearthed in an archive at the University of South Carolina in the US revealing what life was like in the UK between the First and Second World wars.

YouTuber Eric Conover puts Chris Hemsworth's fitness program to the test with incredible

A popular YouTuber has put Chris Hemsworth's fitness program to the test - with incredible results. New York-based Erik Conover (left, before, right, after, inset with Chris) followed Chris's exact diet and exercise routine for 90 days to see if he could replicate the Avengers star's iconic body. The results 'amazed' the YouTuber, as Erik revealed he has put on over five kilograms of pure muscle - and feels and looks better than ever.


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Australian men, who are unlucky in love on home soil, are using websites such as UkraineDate and A Foreign Affair to find their bride.


Backseat wiper: Children work the windscreen wipers of a clapped-out car by pulling RAGS attached to the wiper blades 

This video captures the hilarious moment a youngster (pictured right of screen) operates a car's windscreen wipers from the back seat manually in Istanbul, Turkey. The driver (pictured left) and passengers can be seen splashing through the downpour on a motorway with the girl's arms moving like pistons to keep the rain out of the man's line of sight.

Many Australian's returning home from Bali are unaware about a customs rule that could see them losing any liquids they have brought with them.

A surfer at El Porto, Manhattan Beach got more than he bargained for earlier this year after a dolphin leaped out of the water in front of him as he was paddling with his board.

The footage was caught on a Ring doorbell camera at the property in London. Thieves gained access to the supercar by using a relay system and key jamming techniques.

I wanna be like you! Heart-warming moment children squeal as a bear copies their jumping at the zoo

A black Andean bear (pictured) has set hearts racing by jumping in unison with a group of children at the Nashville Zoo in Tennessee, USA, in April. The cute clip shows the kids giggling. A mother can be heard encouraging them as they squeal at the sight of the shaggy-haired animal and start hopping to mimic the bear. The fluffy bear stops for a moment and holds his nose into the air while the children try to egg him on again. After a moment's breath, he starts to slowly imitates the kids and leaps into the air in the footage from April 2019. He continues to lift himself out of the water and waves his front paw at the glass in unison with the youngsters. They cannot contain their excitement and are made giddy in the process of trying to time their bounces perfectly with the mammal. But slowly they manage to perform some synchronized bounces and do not take their eyes off the bear.



Gone with the wind! Terrifying moment a restaurant worker is tossed onto a ROOF and another is flung across a table when strong gusts slam into an event tent in South Carolina

Samuel Foster can be seen hitting a gutter on the Esso Club's roof after trying to secure a tent at the Clemson, South Carolina, eatery on Monday. The employee had to get stitches above his left eye and also suffered several cuts and bruises. The Esso Club reopened on Tuesday and management said that no damage was done to the building.

Meghan Markle looks like an excited schoolgirl in a behind-the-scenes video of a fashion photoshoot in London today for the charity Smart Works shared on the Sussex Royal Instagram account.

Wind gusts of up to 100k/h are expected to hit New South Wales mid-north coast all the way down to southern Victoria and Tasmania, with coastal winds expected for almost every state and territory.

It's a gold rush! Young boy joins is chased by ten golden retriever puppies who catch him and smother him with licks

This is the heart-melting moment that a young boy and ten golden retriever puppies play blissfully together. The video was captured by owners of a golden retriever kennel and health centre in Brazil.The young lad is overjoyed to join in a fun game of chase as the ten puppies roam after him.