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Last updated: 23:31 BST, 21 August 2019

Mother-of-two finds a lump on her breast whilst BREASTFEEDING her son

Amy Palmer, 30, from Devon, went straight to her GP after finding the lump five months after the birth of her son, Lenny, now 11 months (see inset, Mrs Palmer holding Lenny with her eldest son, Frankie, three). Doctors said it was likely to be a blocked milk duct, but sadly this was not the case and Mrs Palmer was told she had cancer in March this year (see inset, having chemotherapy). It was a shock to the whole family, including husband, (see left, Colin, 35, and their two children at Christmas), as Mrs Palmer had been feeling healthier than ever and had recently completed a half marathon. Mrs Palmer said she has 'mum guilt' for missing out on her sons' childhoods, and was devastated she had to stop breastfeeding. She is urging for the minimum age of mammogram screening, free on the NHS, to be lowered from 50 to 18 years of age. Pictured left when pregnant in September 2018.

Texas teen spent 10 days on life support for lung failure linked to vaping

Tryston Zohfeld (pictuted), 17, says he's been vaping since he was in eighth grade. He awoke with a racing heart and vomiting last week. It's not clear why his lungs failed - but doctors who kept Tryston alive at Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas (inset), suspect his vaping habit. His lungs looked as though they were both infected with pneumonia, but he tested negative. For 10 of his 18 days in the hospital, Tryston had to be on a ventilator (right). He's at last home to recover, but has lost 30 pounds and nearly all his leg muscles - and sworn off vaping for good, he says. Tryston is just the latest of at least 127 people - mostly teenagers and young adults - whose mysterious lung damage US health officials suspect is caused by vaping.

A 19-year-old boy in Illinois was the latest to sue Juul for targeting youth with its marketing fort addictive products. He has dropped the charges, but Juul is facing at least 11 other similar cases.

The US House Energy and Commerce Committee sent letters to Juul, Altria and two other companies asking they turn over any research they did that might suggest they knew the health risks of e-cigs.

A Las Vegas visitor infected with measles may have exposed others at several locations at the Luxor Hotel and Casino and Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino between August 1 and 6.

US Customs and Border Protection said it won't be administering vaccines because migrants are allegedly in detention centers for a short time and 'operating vaccination programs' is complex.

Measles warning for Texas: A single case could trigger a 1,000-person outbreak if anti-vaxxer trend continues - as more than 64,000 unvaccinated kids go back to school, simulation suggests

Texas cities could soon face huge measles outbreaks as more children attend schools unvaccinated, a new study suggests.   Vaccination rates in the Lone Star State have been on a downward trend since 2003 as more parents opt their children out for religious or personal reasons. Researchers ran a computer simulation and found that an additional decrease in vaccination rates of just five percent could more than double the size of a potential measles outbreak from 400 to 1,000 cases.

A new study from Rutgers University has found that brown fat is essentiall for filtering out amino acids called BCAAs from the blood that have been linked to diabetes and obesity

Scientists at Cornell University say the spread is made of 80 per cent water, while butter is made of 80 per cent fat. Butter contains 11g of fat and 100 calories per tablespoon.

Researchers at the University of East Anglia, commissioned by the World Health Organization, concluded people who took more of them were no less likely to be diagnosed with the condition.

A new study from Brigham and Women's Hospital has found that pregnant women who drink eight ounces of pomegranate juice could lead to better development of their babies' white matter.

Mother-of-three, 37, loses fingers, toes and right leg after developing a bacterial

Alecia Kennen, 37 (left, with her sons, and right), of Rice Lake, Wisconsin, got a rug burn on her right shoulder after tripping over her dog in June 2015. She went to the hospital a few days later after feeling severe pain underneath her right armpit. After one of her sons complained of a sore throat, doctors discovered that they had strep throat and had passed on the bacteria to her. Doctors surmised the bacteria entered Kennen through the rug burn and diagnosed her with toxic shock syndrome, a complication that occurs when bacteria invade the bloodstream and release dangerous toxin. She had her fingers amputated to her knuckles before she was released from the hospital in August. Kennen relapsed twice and had her toes amputated in January 2016 and her right leg below her knee amputated in June 2019.

Researchers, led by Fudan University in China, analysed levels of pollution in 652 cities in a large global study. They found when pollution spikes, so does the number of deaths.

A compound that give the gives the cannabis plant its color had 'shocking' tumor-shrinking abilities, the Harvard University scientists reported. It may 'teach' the immune system to recognize cancer cells.

Medics in Nong Khai, Thailand - on the border of Laos - conducted a scan and found hundreds of gallstones inside her gallbladder. They spent 40 minutes removing the lumps.

A team from the University of California, Irvine, found that microglia cells (red) in the brain 'attack' harmful amyloid β plaques (green). This 'switches off' genes that are required for normal brain functioning.

Boy, six, is diagnosed with testicular cancer

Jake Barksby, from Hucknall in Nottinghamshire, is thought to be one of the youngest patients with the disease in Britain - only eight children under nine are diagnosed each year. His mother, Nicola (pictured together), 35, spotted one of his testicles was bigger than the other and took him to see the GP on May 28. The doctor urged Mrs Barksby and her husband Adam to take Jake to hospital as quickly as possible, where tests were carried out. Jake was diagnosed with testicular cancer on June 4 and had an operation to remove the 5cm-long tumour and one of his testicles a week later.

Susan Andrews' son Liam died at just 17 in June 2013 after six consecutive sneezes caused him to have a stroke. She is pictured with Alex Bell, 53, who received her son's heart, in Newcastle.

Researchers led by Newcastle University found green space had a larger impact on wellbeing than job and income. The Government advises everyone lives close to nature for physical health.

Woman, 23, has been left wheelchair bound after doctors dismissed her stroke symptoms as

Drewy NovaClara Curious felt numb and started slurring her words while driving with her husband Avery (pictured together inset) in June last year. The now 23-year-old went to hospital (right), where doctors spent hours trying to uncover what was wrong. They eventually sent her home, saying she was too young to have a stroke and was probably just anxious. Refusing to accept this diagnosis, Mrs Curious, of Toronto, went to another hospital, where she was diagnosed with ischaemic stroke. The 'wasted' hours at the first hospital meant she was not treated quickly enough. She now relies on a wheelchair to get around (seen left).

Emicizumab, which mimics the missing protein, can be injected under the skin as little as every two weeks. It is now available after NHS England agreed to fund the drug, sold under the brand name Hemlibra.

The NHS South East London Commissioning Alliance only offers the treatment to couples who are living in a 'stable relationship'. It is looking into the decision behind the policy.

Oregon court orders girl, 13, to undergo cancer surgery after taking away custody from her

Kylee Dixon, 13 (left), of Wilsonville, Oregon was diagnosed with undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma, a rare liver cancer, in March 2018. She underwent chemotherapy for six months before her mother, Christina (right, with Kylee), brought her home and treated her with herbs, vitamins and CBD oil. Dixon claimed the tumor was reduced by 90% despite no scientific evidence that shows these alternative methods are effective. After failing to bring Kylee in for a scheduled surgery in June 2019, a court order was issued demanding Kylee be turned over to the state's custody. Dixon went on the run with her daughter before they were tracked down in Nevada and Kylee was placed with a foster family. She turned herself in to police last week and was charged with custodial interference and criminal mistreatment. A court has ordered that Kylee go in for a doctor's appointment next week so that surgery can be planned.

University College London researchers believe there is a 'sensitive period' in early middle-age - roughly between the ages of 36 and 53 - in which high blood pressure is particularly damaging.

FILE - This undated fluorescence-colored microscope image made available by the National Institutes of Health in September 2016 shows a culture of human breast cancer cells. On Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2019, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended more women should consider gene testing for hereditary breast or ovarian cancer, especially those who've already survived cancer once. (Ewa Krawczyk/National Cancer Institute via AP)

The US Preventive Services Task Force on Tuesday advised that DNA testing should be given to those with certain ancestries and prior BRCA cancers, as well as those with a family history.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University found that people who developed bowel cancer were more likely to have taken penicillin. But tetracyclines may have protective effects for rectal cancer.

Single mother, 28, feared she'd be left paralyzed by a brain tumor

Lyndsay Whitmore (pictured), 28, found herself paralyzed on the floor of her four-year-old son, Evans's (right), bedroom. Her legs and arms had been falling asleep, and the Tennessee single mother and sales coordinator was had been getting headaches. But she never dreamed the mundane symptoms might be a brain tumor. Scans revealed that she had a menengioma pressing on the 'motor strip' of her brain. She worried that any slip up in surgery to remove it (inset) could paralyze her permanently and, in her mind, leave her son practically 'orphaned.' But she pulled through and she and her boyfriend, Cody Skinner (left) told Evans to be gentle with his mother as she slowly regains her strength.

Scientists in Taiwan found long-term exposure to nitrogen dioxide - a pollutant that is especially linked to old diesel cars - increased the risk of AMD among over-50s by 91 per cent.

Scientists in Germany uncovered 14 biomarkers in blood that appear to affect the risk of death, after analysing 44,000 people.

Previous research has shown the different in care for female heart attack victims have contributed to at least 8,200 avoidable deaths in England and Wales in the last decade.

British sleep doctor, Dr Neil Stanley performed a reaction based experiment before and after a 20-minute power nap on volunteers - and proved that a nap can improve our reaction time.

Idaho man left with West Nile virus after being bitten by mosquitoes at a state park

Lance Bottoms (left and right, with his wife), from Boise, Idaho, was bitten by mosquitoes while visiting Eagle Island State Park in July. Two days later, he developed flu-like symptoms and went to the hospital. Bottoms was first diagnosed with pneumonia, and then West Nile virus at a follow-up doctor's appointment. He was told he may experience symptoms of the disease such as back pain and low energy for up to a year and potentially the rest of his life.

A new University of Chicago study of 151 million people in the US and Denmark found up to 50% higher rates of some neuropsychiatric disorders in counties with the worst air quality.

The UK ranked 2.83 out of five, followed by the US with 2.82 in an analysis of more than 400,000 products across the globe by researchers at the University of Oxford.

A new study from Vanderbilt University has found that it could take up to 25 years for a former heavy smoker's cardiovascular disease risk to be similar to that of a never smoker.

Despite claims that 'heat not burn' devices are safer, University of Pennsylvania researchers found that chemicals in even nicotine-free e-liquids are transformed into toxins that attack blood vessels' lining.

Unborn baby with deadly anaemia is saved after a doctor injected blood into his umbilical

Edward Banham, known as Teddy, developed severe anaemia after his blood cells were attacked by his mother Emma's immune system. This caused Teddy to develop hydrops fetalis, which occurs when an unborn baby's heart starts to fail and large amounts of fluid accumulate in its organs. With Teddy desperately needing blood, an obstetrician injected donor samples into his umbilical cord just 20 weeks into the pregnancy. Teddy received a total of five transfusions before he was born at 35 weeks via C-section on February 5. He is pictured with his parents Emma, 33, and Gary Banham, and his sister Elizabeth.

Scientists from the University of Zurich asked a group of males to rank the body odours of 28 women of a reproductive age. The women had been tested for their levels of key fertility hormones.

Megan Turner, 22, (right) was diagnosed with intracranial hypertension after the optometrist Emma Ginger (left) noticed her optic nerve was swollen during a check-up in Specsavers, Exeter.

Pooja, whose surname is unknown, had 'Rapunzel syndrome' - where hairs that have been eaten become tangled in the stomach. She saw medics at a clinic in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh - a state in India.

Mindfulness 'could prevent at-risk people from Alzheimer's'

Scientists from Wake Forest Baptist Health in North Carolina looked at 14 adults with mild cognitive impairment, which increases a person's risk of developing dementia. After eight weeks, the participants who took part in a meditation-mindfulness course scored better on cognitive tests. Being present to the world around us is thought to reduce stress. Over the long-term, feeling frazzled can affect the hippocampus in the brain, which is involved in memory and learning. Harry Potter star Emma Watson (left) and Lara Croft actress Angelina Jolie (right) are both said to be fans of mindfulness.

Scientists at Duke University in the US gave donepezil to rats who had been exposed to excessive quantities of alcohol over the course of 16 days.

Mountain biking and running in areas with no urban views reduced stress the most in a study in Germany. Researchers said a 'calming' environment is the best to exercise in.

MATTHEW D'ANCONA recalls hallucinations that he experienced from a side-effect of

Journalist Matthew D'Ancona (left) suffered from hospital delirium while being treated for what turned out to be abdominal sepsis at University Hospital, in Lewisham, south-east London. He became absolutely convinced that his illness and incapacity was an irritating diversion from his preparations for a new HBO spy series. And his hospital bed was able to travel all over the world: to a home in Malaysia for a delicious meal; a New York hotel off Times Square; a Monaco-themed bistro in Chelsea. Though he did not know it at the time - he was suffering from a very common condition that afflicts intensive care patients: ICU delirium. There is broad agreement that a cocktail of factors is involved: the combination of powerful drugs, mechanical ventilation, physiological weakness, insomnia, and the underlying psychological stress of being seriously ill. But the sheer power of the delusions has not been explained, and there is little consensus on treatment protocols (in his case, a short course of sleeping pills and rehydration did the trick).

A new study from the City University of New York and Columbia University, found that rates of marijuana use among former smokers nearly doubled from about 5% in 2002 to around 10% in 2016.

Relief from arthritis? Ignore online myth that WD-40 works... these gadgets DO cure creaky

Sammy Margo, a physiotherapist in North London, and Dr Rod Hughes, a consultant rheumatologist, give the lowdown on gadgets and remedies for the pain. We then rated them. The Therapearl Compress (top left) is a resuable gel pack with three effective therapies. The Jointace Patch (top, centre) releases glucosamine and chondroitin but there's no evidence that it works topically. Kneelo Pads are foam pads to use while gardening and doing DIY and may be useful for people who just have the 'odd twinge' of pain. The Conductive Tens knee sleeve (middle, left) is a compression sleeve that can be attached to a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine and is great for people who cannot take painkillers. The Active 650 knee support brace (middle, centre) should help anyone to feel more comfortable that their knee will not give way. And the Sports Medica knee pillow (middle, right) is great for side sleepers, says Sammy Margo. Olbas oil (bottom left), which contains essential oils, can reduce pain, says Dr Hughes. The Ioncore Sleeve (bottom, middle) , made from copper nylon is designed to give pain relief for those with arthritis, but evidence for the effectiveness of copper on arthritis is thin. What you mustn't try is WD-40 (bottom right), a lubricating oil used for rusty hinges. Dr Hughes says: 'petroleum distillates can be dangerous to human health if used in this way.'

The stick-on device transmits sound waves through the bones of the skull to the inner ear for processing into sounds. This bypasses the damage to the outer and middle ear that can cause deafness.

A new study from York University in Toronto, Canada, found that there was a 4.5-point lower IQ score in boys for every 1mg/L increase of fluoride found in a mother's urine sample.

Seven Arizona women claim cheap injections left their lips 'oozing' and infected

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT At least seven women (left and right) visited Gabby Acosta at her home in Maricopa, Arizona, on August 3. She had come highly recommended, claimed she was licensed and was charging $80 per millimeter of filler compared to the standard $600 charged by cosmetic surgeons. Within hours, they say their lips were swollen, oozing pus and developing cold sores (inset top and inset bottom). The Maricopa Police Department has been notified and has opened an investigation.

Public Health England estimates that more than one in seven five-year-olds may still need to receive their second MMR jab. Boris Johnson begged parents not to listen to scaremongering online.

The rate has dropped by almost half over 13 years from 2004, when records began, to 2017. Smoking has previously been linked to unexplained deaths in under one-year-olds.

Surgeon, 93, who started working for the NHS the month it started is still a full-time

Professor Harold Ellis (pictured), 93, qualified as a doctor in July 1948 and immediately began training as a surgeon in the NHS' earliest days. Seven decades on, the grandfather-of-six commutes from his home in East Finchley, greater London, five days a week to teach at Guy's Hospital in the centre of town. Professor Ellis is thought to be one of the longest serving medical professionals in the UK and has 'dedicated his whole life to the NHS'. He is pictured in the inset with patients in 1948 at Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

ASK THE GP: My hair has been falling out since I had a pacemaker fitted three years ago. I was taking bisoprolol tablets, which I know can cause hair loss, but changing to a different medicine hasn't helped.

Two journals withdrew publications after it became 'clear with hindsight' that deceased donors were prisoners. It comes after researchers highlighted 400 concerning papers from China.

A new study from the Mayo Clinic has found that an AI-run EKG can detect atrial fibrillation with about 79 percent accuracy on single tests and 83 percent accuracy with multiple tests.

University of California, San Francisco researchers found that intensifying high blood pressure treatment for hospitalized seniors may do more harm than good, leading to more readmissions.

Mother, 38, who 'never sunbathed' is dying of skin cancer and has warned of the Love

Shellie Clark (see left), of Maidenhead, was diagnosed with melanoma five months ago and was initially told she had just three months to live. She warns that if it can happen to her - someone who rarely sunbathed - it will happen to young people who spend hours in the sun with little protection. It comes after Love Islander Amy Hart revealed on Loose Women that the girls on the show ignored producers and refused to wear sun cream. Pictured right, Ms Clark with her two sons, Ethan, 15, and Joshua, 14.

There were 344,522 emergency admissions involving dementia patients like Alan Spice (pictured) in the UK in 2017/18 - the equivalent to 944 a day and up from 257,559 cases in 2013/14.

Research shows a kimchi drink sold in South Korea helps thicken existing hairs and in some cases new hairs grew within weeks. The dish consists of cabbage, onions, garlic, fish sauce and spices.

The depressing proof 'home cooked' does NOT make hospital food any easier to stomach

Patients being treated for a wide variety of health issues in hospitals up and down the UK photographed their evening meal within a three-day period at the beginning of this month. The meals were then assessed by Hannah Whittaker, an NHS dietitian and a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association. While some hospitals are offering patients tempting and nourishing meals, others are serving up food so poor that patients would rather go hungry. We also found that some meals the patients thought awful were nutritionally spot on - although that matters little if patients are unable to bring themselves actually to eat the food.

Researchers from Switzerland and Italy delivered an electric current directly to the optic nerve of rabbits via an electrode called OpticSELINE (pictured).

Researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden analysed data from 6,400 children, tracking them for an average of nine years. The results were published in JAMA Pediatrics.

Doctors remove 64 magnetic beads from six-year-old boy's intestine

The unnamed six-year-old, of China, was taken to his nearest hospital with crippling stomach pains. Paediatricians conducted an X-ray, which showed a cluster of metallic beads (left) inside his stomach. Local media reports that the boy swallowed the toys, which his mother had bought for him to play with. Surgery to remove the magnetic beads from the child's intestines lasted three hours, medics revealed. It is unknown what hospital he was treated at. However, it is believed to be in the city of Harbin - where he lives. The toys are pictured right and inset.

An expert from the University of Maryland School Medicine has warned that the CDC's remaining supply of the IV form of quinidine gluconate expired in April 2019.

On Saturday, the Centers for Disease Control announced it is investigating at least 94 cases of lung problems suspected to have links to vaping, including a cluster in Wisconsin.

FILE- In this June 4, 2019, file photo, a Planned Parenthood clinic is photographed in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File)

Monday was the deadline for applications for Title X federal funding for women's health care organizations. Planned Parenthood's CEO said it will not be 'bullied' into silence about abortion.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported another 21 new cases of measles as of last week. The spread seems to have slowed, but the US remains in danger of losing 'elimination' status.

Man, 26, faces weeks in hospital after he was chemically burnt by a hair removal cream on

William Bishop (left), 26, decided to remove the hair from his delicate area in case 'anything good happened' on an upcoming first date on July 27. The property developer, of Cheltenham, admits to using a cream meant for the body and legs. Two days later, Mr Bishop was in A&E with 'a hole in his crotch' and had to be transferred to a burns unit. Barely able to walk, sleep or sit, Mr Bishop has been in hospital for two weeks while doctors try to reduce his risk of infection. It could be another three weeks before he is allowed home. Pictured right, the burn.

The treatment centre Yes We Can is the only rehabilitation clinic solely for child gamers in Europe. Of the 55 young addicts treated so far this year, six came over from the UK.

Nutritionist Jessica Sepel's wedding sees guests doing sunrise yoga

With most destination weddings involving days of indulgent meals and alcohol-fuelled nights, Australian nutritionist Jessica Sepel (left) opted for something different, to reflect her lifestyle. She decided to have a 'clean wedding' to prove, with her husband Dean Steingold, that you don't need to place a healthy lifestyle on hold for a wedding. Her retreat-like Thailand wedding saw Ms Sepel treat her 170 guests to elaborate spa days, vegan lunches, healthy gluten and sugar-free meals (bottom right) and a veggie shot bar (top right) every morning. At the wedding, organic wine was served, guests were invited to sip on an organic coconut throughout the ceremony and fruit was served for dessert.

Parents of boy with a genetic condition are desperately trying to find him a stem cell

Daniel McAvoy (right), from Huntington in Cambridgeshire, has Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, a crippling condition that is thought to strike as little as one in every million children. Parents Georgie, 29, and agricultural engineer Andrew, 36 (pictured together left with Daniel and his sister Holly, two), assumed their son was fine when they were allowed to take him home from hospital in March. The couple, of Huntington in Cambridgeshire, only took Daniel to see a GP after he kept having nose bleeds, as well as them finding blood in his nappy and sick, and him showing signs of eczema and a tummy ache. Doctors ran tests that found his platelet levels had plummeted - platelets are cells in the blood that form clots to help stop bleeding. Medics called an ambulance to take him to a specialist hospital, amid fears he may have had cancer or sepsis. He spent 11 days in a critical condition. At one point, Daniel's parents arranged for a hospital chaplain to perform a bedside christening because they feared he would not pull through. However, he was eventually allowed home after his condition improved. Daniel is pictured in hospital inset.

Officials have identified 722 practices in England - a tenth of the total - which regularly close their doors for at least four hours at a time, including lengthy lunch breaks or midweek afternoons off (stock).

Sir Terence English, who performed Britain's first ever successful heart transplant, said his mentee from the 1979 operation will try to replace a human kidney with a pigs before the end of the year.

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY reveals how a dip in the sea left his wife fearing he had suffered a

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY, pictured in the sea, blacked out while swimming in Cornwall last weekend, leading his GP wife Clare to fear that he had suffered a stroke. The Mail on Sunday columnist was rushed to A&E in Truro. It was feared he may have had a transient ischaemic attack, or TIA - which is when the blood floow to the brain is temporarily cut off, usually as a result of a clot in the neck which has moved, causing a blockage.

Flaxseed contains a naturally occurring compound that can produce cyanide gas as it degrades. Adults could end up ill if they consume just three teaspoons of it in one sitting.

Prosecco, which has soared in popularity in recent years, has been named as the worst alcoholic drink for oral health due to the mix of bubbles, alcohol and sugar.

Alfie Dingley, one year on after he changed the law on medicinal cannabis

Alfie Dingley, pictured here with his mother Hannah, left, used to suffer 75 seizures a day until he was prescribed an oil-based cannabis tincture overseas. His case saw the then Home Secretary Sajid Javid change the law to allow the use of cannabis oil by the NHS. The youngster from Kenilworth, Warwickshire went 11 months without a seizure while using cannabis oil. Although experts have warned that over-the-counter treatments, right, may have too little active ingredients to be effective.

A 76-year-old reader who weighs only nine stone and walks at least a mile a day has asked DR ELLIE CANNON why she has high cholesterol and whether it may be genetic.

A new test developed by scientists at King's College in London have developed a new portable device which will be able to diagnose a patient suffering a heart attack using a simple pin prick.

New high tech laser can blast kidney stones into dust during a single treatment

The new technique uses a laser beam to target the kidney stone and pop it into dust saving repeated visits to hospital. Existing treatments require two or three visits to hospital several weeks apart. It could also cut the number of people who undergo keyhole surgery to have stones removed through an incision in their back. Professor Bhaskar Somani, from University Hospital Southampton, has treated about 80 patients so far using the new technique - with incredible results.

Sepsis, also known as blood poisoning, causes about 37,000 deaths a year in England. The technology will keep a virtual eye on key indicators of a patient's condition such as pulse.

NHS psychiatrist Max Pemberton may make you rethink your life with his latest contemplations on everything from digital detoxes to the risks of Ritalin.

Do you REALLY need an £80 smart bottle to tell you when to drink water?

As one third of Britons claim not to drink water on a daily basis with on in five suggesting they haven't had a drop in the past week, we look to see if there is a market for 'smart bottles'. From left, we look at the £13 Joseph Joseph bottle, the £21 Ulla smart hydration tracker, the Bellabeat Spring for £79.99, the £95 LARQ, the Equa which costs £68.40 and finally the £36.80 Thermos Smart Lid.

A 17-year-old Girl in India had a mass growing on her abdomen for five years. A BMJ case report reveals she's the first woman known to carry a 'teratoma' or malformed twin to her near-adult age.

Tyson issued a recall of its pre-cooked chicken patties yesterday after receiving reports that consumer found what looked like pieces of metal in their food, posing a potential chocking hazard.

Toddler denied respite care as she weighs TWO STONE

Tricia Risbridger, 43, pictured with her grand daughter Esmai. Health and safety rules have said that at two stone, the youngster poses 'an unacceptable risk' to care staff. Esmai, inset, was born with cerebral palsy, needs around-the-clock care, but official guidelines say female care staff should not lift any weight of more than two-and-a-half stone - including any equipment. Ms Risbridger, who is her granddaughter's official carer, has been told she will not receive any assistance until her home in Poole, Dorset has been modified to cope with Esmai's disability.

Some 20% of Detroit is made up of vacant lots that have been bulldozed - making them fertile ground for ragweed. Its pollen could drive up allergies and illnesses in Motor City, an expert explains.

Whole Foods CEO, 65-year-old John Mackey, revealed his strict vegan diet regimen to CNBC. The grocery store co-founder claims to go to great lengths to stick to his three daily vegan meals.

Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? Doctors break down old wives' tales

They say feed a cold starve a fever (top left), carrots help you see in the dark (top middle) and chicken soup cures colds (bottom left). Some advise people avoid chocolate to prevent spots (top right), while others maintain eating before a night out soaks up the alcohol (bottom middle). And everyone's heard that an apple a day can keep the doctor away (bottom right). But just how true are old wives' tales? Two UK-based GPs discuss the truth behind common health 'advice'.

Most of the calls were for older kids who intentionally got into adults' legal stashes of medical marijuana - but may have been 'surprised' by the potency, new University of Massachusetts study says.

Cheshire-based company Calea was told to change the way it makes products, slowing down production. Lauren Mitchell said she was feeling sick since her liquids were suspended.

British women who developed a form of cancer linked to their breast implants launch legal

Linzy Bromfield, 50, (left) 'thought she was going to die' after she developed implant-associated lymphoma in 2016. She had the implants put in at a private clinic in the UK in 2005 to take her chest from a cup size B to a D. The operation seemed to go to plan until, years later in 2016, the mother-of-two noticed her right breast was too swollen to fit in a bra. Ms Bromfield later had to have her breast drained and was diagnosed with implant-associated lymphoma. Consultant plastic surgeon Professor James Frame (right) fears women are being used as 'human guinea pigs' due to a lack of information about the potential risks of breast implants (inset).

Austin O'Dowd, nine, was rushed to Basildon Hospital in Essex with stomach pains and a swollen eye on May 28. He died on June 2. His father, Vince O'Dowd, 64, is calling for answers.

Trendy Keto diet loved by celebrities 'relieves migraines in just a month'

Countless celebrities have spoken of their love of the Keto diet in keeping them 'red carpet ready'. But the high-fat, low-carb eating plan favoured by Hollywood's resident 'health guru' Gwyneth Paltrow (left) and Bond girl Halle Berry (right) may also prevent migraines. Scientists at the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation in Milan in Italy analysed 35 overweight migraine sufferers. The participants tried two low-calorie diets, one of which was ketogenic. Over the course of one month, the Keto diet caused the patients to suffer three less 'migraine days', on average. The results even suggested the eating plan is more effective at relieving symptoms than leading drugs, such as erenumab.

Doctors from La Rabta Hospital in Tunis, Tunisia, had to use forceps to pull out the 9cm (3.5ins) long needle from the boy's urethra in what they called a 'very rare' medical case.

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: Ruth Kent, 53, from Northampton, felt 'lousy' for two days last November - but she assumed it was because of the common winter illness.

Hundreds of patients are paying up to £800 a month for private medical cannabis

Cheryl Keen (left) claims her epileptic daughter Charlotte (right) has been refused medical cannabis twice. Ms Keen cannot afford to buy the prescription privately for her daughter, who also has brain damage. Medics have also said Charlotte has not yet tried all the other treatment options available to her, Ms Keen alleges. She claims 'nothing has changed' since legislation allowed specialist doctors to legally prescribe unlicensed marijuana-based products containing THC last November.

Jennie Powell, 41, went into labour at 22 weeks while on holiday in Cornwall in August last year with her husband Rich, 42. She needed to be flown to a hospital in Oxford.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the revamped Health Checks scheme will harness modern tech such as genetic testing to create a personalised programme to prevent disease.

NHS hospital offers pregnant women VR headsets to let them relax on the beach and travel to MARS to take their mind off the pain of childbirth 

University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff is trialling the VR headsets. If successful, it could be rolled out across more NHS maternity units. In one seven-minute session, expectant mothers can also watch the Northern Lights or walk among penguins and buffalo. But the soothing effects of calming music or a guided voiceover are said to last for 45 minutes.

A new survey from job search engine reveals that 45% of workers have cried on the job because of their bosses or colleges and 20% say it's because of their workload.

Mom unable to treat her 13-year-old daughter's liver cancer with CBD oil turns herself in

Kylee Dixon, 13, of Wilsonville, Oregon was diagnosed with Undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma, a rare liver cancer, in March 2018. She underwent chemotherapy for six months at Oregon Health and Science University (inset) before her mother, Christina (left, with Kylee, and right), brought her home. Christina treated her daughter's cancer with herbs, vitamins and CBD oil and claimed the tumor was reduced by 90 percent. There is no scientific evidence that these alternative methods are effective. After failing to bring Kylee in for a scheduled surgery in June 2019, a court order was issued demanding Kylee be turned over to the state's custody. Christina went on the run with her daughter before they were tracked down in  Nevada and Kylee was placed with a foster family. She turned herself in to police on Thursday and was charged with custodial interference and criminal mistreatment.

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada estimate that 3 million people over 65 have strokes after surgery each year - but they go undiagnosed because they are small and 'silent.'

Scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden discovered a mesh-like organ within the skin that consists of glial cells. These cells have hair-like structures that may pick up on pain.


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