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Last updated: 16:20 BST, 21 August 2019


Q A close friend is getting very needy. Whenever we meet, I feel as though she's waiting to pour out her latest troubles. Her life is so dramatic

Abigail Blake suffered life-changing injuries at the hands of her violent husband. After a six-month prison stint, he is free and she lives in constant fear of him tracking her down. How is this justice?

After struggling for years with depression and crippling writer's block, novelist Kate Weinberg decided to revisit her own tragic first chapter - with surprising results

...Stephanie Sofokleous's summer pick-me-ups 

...upping the drama with Joanne Toolan's pick of new season moody blooms 

You think you'll never let your children out of your sight for a moment; you'll never let them go. You wake up sweating at the thought of the worst thing happening. But I did let go