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Technology committee wants new petrol and diesel car banned by 2035

A report published by the Science and Technology Committee said the Government should bring forward the proposed ban on new cars and vans with conventional engines, but also prohibit the sale of hybrid vehicles at the same time. And it went on to warn ministers that if they are serious about significantly reducing emissions, personal car ownership is 'not compatible' with meeting clean-air targets. AA president Edmund King said the report was 'giving up on emerging science and technology', like the rapid development of electric cars.

With September just a matter of weeks away, it can only mean one thing for car buyers - a new number plate. Ben Oliver picks the 10 models to keep an eye out for.

The footage was caught on a Ring doorbell camera at the property in London. Thieves gained access to the supercar by using a relay system and key jamming techniques.

An FOI request revealed that the number of cancelled fines due to cloning has soared in the last 5 years, with one area recording a 697% increase in binned fines in half a decade.

Dramatic CCTV shows runaway trailer rolling down the M25 causing five-mile tailbacks

The white trailer comes into view on the top of the screen as it careers along the motorway on the border of Surrey and Kent. It continues to zigzag across the carriageway as all other drivers come to a near standstill. It caused delays of around 40 minutes. Highways England have recently launched a 'check it before towing it' campaign in an attempt to prevent these situations.

NEW Much has changed over the last quarter of a century, but one thing that hasn't is the A4 appearing in Audi's ever-increasing range of cars. This is the ninth generation - and we've tried it.

As most drivers who finance vehicles hand cars back at the end of the contract, finance companies are being rewarded with more valuable cars that they can make a profit on.

Since 1 March 2017, motorists caught on their phones have been stung with increased penalties, with offenders receiving £200 fines and six points on their licence.

This month sees the new Mercedes EQC (pictured) hit British roads for the first time, meaning that well-heeled families now have FOUR all-electric luxury SUVs to tempt them out of their Land Rovers.

EU plans to fit all new cars with location-tracking devices or black boxes by 2022 amid

The EU wants all cars made inside the Union to feature location-tracking devices so they can monitor speed, driving behaviour and whether motorists are using safety features properly.

Scientists in Taiwan found long-term exposure to nitrogen dioxide - a pollutant that is especially linked to old diesel cars - increased the risk of AMD among over-50s by 91 per cent.

The number of Fords taken in the West Midlands so far this year - 1,557 - has more than trebled from the 489 in 2015 (stock of a keyless entry Ford), the police and crime commissioner said.

Test reveals that the range of Tesla's Model 3 is 90 miles less than claimed

When tested by What Car?, the entry-level Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus was 58 miles short of claims. The most expensive variant, the Model 3 Performance, was 90 miles off. A Tesla spokesman said the on-road test results were 'wrong' and 'only used a fraction of the car's total range'.

Shane Hatherall paid £2 by text message to use the parking spot at Clarence House in Newport, Wales. Parking Eye claimed they didn't receive it and sent him a letter fining him and summoned him to court.

Most of us recall our first few driving lessons being an anxious time,but Mia Cuddington, 17 had a more nerve-wracking time than most after being caught up in a high-speed police chase.

Mercedes, which sold more than 170,000 new cars in Britain alone last year, insisted the sensors are only activated in 'extreme circumstances', such as when customers default on their payments.

Supremely rare McLaren F1 with an engine bay bathed in GOLD sells for a record $19.8m

This limited edition 1994 F1 with a gold-plated engine bay that was one of just two to be upgraded to LM (Le Mans) spec has become the most expensive McLaren ever sold at auction and the third priciest British-built motor of all time. The precious metal helps to dissipate the heat that's generated by the 6.1-litre engine, therefore improving performance over prolonged periods.

Operators of screens had mistaken the auctioneer's pronunciation, believing the 80-year-old machine had received bids of up to $70m when the highest offer had only reached $17m.

The vehicle - described as 'the most famous car in the world' - went under the hammer earlier today as part of a special Aston Martin event at RM Sotheby's Monterey sale.

Original Ford Mustang Bullitt driven by Steve McQueen to be sold at auction

Having been concealed from the limelight for 40 years by the family that owned it - including turning down an offer from the car from the King of Cool himself - the Mustang will be sold at an auction in Kissimmee, Florida, in January 2020. For years, enthusiasts and historians widely believed that the film car, which is one of just two, had been destroyed. The iconic car has been kept in the same family for 40 years and it has since emerged that McQueen attempted to purchase the car from then-keeper Robert Kiernan in 1977 but was rebuffed.

The 1952 Ferrari Arno XI Racing Boat is set to be sold in Florida, U.S. Speed boat racer Achille Castoldi asked entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari to help him break the world speed record on water in Italy in 1953.

Billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe close to deal to build new 4x4 in UK

The Welsh Government says talks with Ineos about building the car in Wales are 'very advanced', raising hopes that hundreds of jobs could be created.Ineos Automotive, which was set up to manage the 4x4 venture - dubbed 'Projekt Grenadier' - last week reported a €51 million (£46 million) loss for its first 11 months. This was thanks to €41.4 million of research and development costs and administrative expenses of €8.8 million. In its accounts, the firm said its new car would be a 'rugged, reliable and uncompromising 4x4 offroad vehicle'.

The expletive appears on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) website underneath reasons why a Smart Car failed its annual inspection in June, 2015.

Surge in electric car sales could crash the National Grid by 2040 

According to Mark Sait (pictured right), ceo of SaveMoneyCutCarbon, if UK electric car sales rise at the same rate as they have across the rest of Europe, if UK electric car sales rise at the same rate as they have across the rest of Europe, it could result in blackouts and the grid crashing due to insufficient power supplies, similar to those experienced last week resulting in travel mayhem and leaving one million homes without electricity. He warned: 'A rapid upsurge in hybrid and full electric vehicles could create real concerns.'

Car firms are slashing up to a fifth off the price of their vehicles in an attempt to shift stock - and it's not always predictable which marques will offer the biggest discounts.

Blue-blooded British brand Bentley turns 100 this year, and it's celebrating its centenary by giving itself a gift: the most extraordinary, extravagant concept car it has ever made.

Like millions of British motorists, Mollie King's morning commute is now done at the wheel of an SUV - though she's on the verge of trading in her Range Rover Evoque for a bigger Velar.

France makes 76% of all requests for UK driver details from overseas

18 different countries have utilised a new agreement that allows them to chase Britons for fine payments, issuing 325,145 requests for individual's details in that time. Some 246,138 were by French police, accounting for 76% of the total enquiries made by foreign authorities between February and June this year.

Electric car owners have almost 1,000 more places to charge up than those driving petrol or diesel vehicles. There are 9,3-- battery points compared with just 8,400 petrol stations.

Louise Stevens, 54, was ordered to pay £100, with the owners of the BP station at East Midlands Airport in Leicestershire having been issuing fines to deter people from using it as a drop-off point.

UK hotspots for cars deemed too lethal for the road

More than 40,000 motorists have been prosecuted for driving cars in the UK that are deemed too dangerous for the road in the last four years, a new study has revealed. Irresponsible car owners have been caught at the wheel of vehicles with dodgy brakes, bald tyres, defective steering and other dangerous issues that render them unsafe for use - and were issued fines of up to £2,500 and three penalty points for knowingly driving motors with problems.

Falling numbers of traffic police mean existing laws banning hand-held devices are flouted by drivers, and the Government has been urged to enforce existing legislation before new laws.

The Government is being urged to extend the ban on use of phones at the wheel to include hands-free devices. MPs say they want to make phone use 'as socially unacceptable as drink-driving'.

Almost 700,000 potholes were reported by motorists for repair on England's crumbling roads last year. Figures show complaints to local authorities jumped by 13 per cent on the year before.

Cancellation fees have risen by a massive 49% since 2012 whilst charges for mid-term policy alterations have also increased by 38%, according to data from GoCompare.

Think tank Bright Blue calls for fuel duty freeze to end

Conservative group Bright Blue said the fuel duty freeze that's been in place since 2010 - keeping the tax on unleaded and diesel fuel at 57.95p - should be abolished by ministers, and taxation on diesel needs to be higher than petrol. The report also said that VAT on electric cars should be removed, urban speed limits reduced from 30mph to 20mph and increased fines for motorists who leave engines idling - and a portion of the penalty paid to those who report it. Campaign group FairFuelUK blasted the 'ill-informed' report.

Calvey Taylor-Haw, 62, claims the oil supermajor BP is refusing to hand over share options which he is owed as part of a deal when he sold his technology for electric car charging points.

Julie Hyde, 62, from Allenby in West Cumbria, parked her Volkswagen Tiguan in a reserved bay at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle after checking with reception staff she was allowed to do so.

Government funding for electric car charging is to be doubled, announces Transport

Charging an electric car must be as easy as plugging in a smartphone in order to persuade motorists to buy one, the Transport Secretary said. Grant Shapps - who will be getting his own electric car from Tesla this week - has doubled Government funding for on-street electric charge points. The extra £2.5million will allow the installation of more than 1,000 additional charge points on residential roads.

Almost 130,000 drivers have been fined for failing to pay the Ultra Low Emission Charges - this is on top of congestion. Their £80 bill doubles after one week - and people are unaware of Ulez.

The proportion failing the driving theory test has soared to its highest level in a decade - last year, only 47 per cent managed to pass it. It comes after a series of reforms designed to toughen up the test.

Several of Britain's newest car models with keyless entry systems were tested. It took a security team just ten seconds to enter and drive away a DS3 Crossback Puretech (pictured).

'Kiss and fly' charges - typically levied for dropping off someone as close to the terminal as possible - have increased at eight airports compared with last year.

The new electric cars that will retain their value best

It's hard enough trying to predict how rapidly a normal car will depreciate, but estimating the loss of value of an electric vehicle is a whole other ball game. As battery technology advances and manufacturers launch newer models with longer ranges, more performance and shorter charging times, the electric cars of today could soon be considered old hat in a relatively short period of time. So it's important to buy one that will hold value. These are the top 12 on sale now that are likely to depreciate slowest. Included in the countdown is the (from top left to right) Renault Zoe, Smart EQ Forfour, Hyundai Ioniq, Nissan Leaf, Jaguar I-Pace, VW e-Golf.

Alexey Tretiyakov, 41, was driving with his children on the Moscow ring road when his Tesla Mark 3 ploughed into the back of a parked tow truck and exploded into flames.

The lawsuit in Northern California federal court seeks class action status for potentially 'thousands' of Model S and X owners who have seen the range of older-generation batteries curtailed.

Oxford plant builds 10 MILLIONTH Mini

The 10 millionth Mini (inset left) was built on July 24, the brand confirmed today. To mark the achievement, the car maker invited owners of 60 Minis - one from each year of production since 1959 - to celebrate (main). Daily output at Plant Oxford has grown from around 300 cars a day in 2001 to around 1,000 today to cope with demand, with 4,500 staff at the factory churning out a new Mini every 67 seconds on average. Production will also be boosted by the recent announcement that the new Mini Electric will also be made at the UK facility from November 2019. Assembly of the Mini returned to Oxford in 2001 after production was shifted to Longbridge, Birmingham (inset right), between 1968 and 2000.

Nothing succeeds like success, and Kia has been on a roll. Last year it sold a record 95,764 of its sharply designed, smartly packaged and affordable cars and SUVs in the UK.

Research by The Mail on Sunday found that Airparks Drop and Go at Birmingham is a 14-minute drive from the airport, with buses only coming every 25 minutes.

24 vehicles crash into stationary cars on hard shoulders in the UK every week

Around 3,780 crashes in three years involved a motorist hitting a car on the hard shoulder, an investigation found, as more and more hard shoulders are removed to become a lane of traffic on 'smart motorways'. The AA demanded a policy rethink warning a fatal collision 'will happen', but Highways England said 'all lane running' roads reduced casualty rates by more than a quarter.

A sharp rise in interest combined with new models arriving on the market was behind solely battery-powered electric car sales rising, however, they still only make up 1.4% of the total UK market.

While most speed camera tolerances in the UK allow for drivers to exceed limits by 10% plus 2mph, in France a speed camera is triggered when a driver is 5% over the restriction.

£1MILLION supercar wipe-out: Terrifying moment 'boy racer' wrecks luxury vehicles including one woman's McLaren, Porsche AND Bentley

EXCLUSIVE: The driver of an Audi Q7 4x4 lost control of his vehicle and ploughed into a row of 11  luxury supercars in Moore Street, Chelsea - but has not yet been arrested because of his injuries.

The report called for Transport for London to introduce its own car hailing service, provide free tube travel and offer e-scooters around the city in an effort to drag down the capital's emissions.

The first of the right-hand drive Model 3s are making their way to UK buyers, Simon Lambert got a sneak preview of what they'll get by testing a Model 3 Performance for a weekend.

A person riding an electric scooter in Westminster (Yui Mok/PA)

E-scooters can legally only be used on private land in the UK but many people are breaking the law by riding them on roads and pavements, though many are already using them to commute through London.

There are now 55 telematics products available compared to just 25 on offer in 2016, according to Defaqto - we reveal six tips to finding the best one.

Is this the flying car of the future? Prototype hovers ten feet above the ground for one minute in unveiling by Japanese electronics giant NEC 

Japanese electronics maker NEC has unveiled its 'flying car' - a large drone-like machine with four propellers which could be available by the 2030s. The test flight saw it hover steadily for about a minute ten feet above the ground inside a gigantic cage designed to protect onlookers watching at an NEC facility in a Tokyo suburb. The preparations such as the repeated checks on the machine and warnings to reporters to wear helmets took up more time than the two brief demonstrations.

The criticism, from retail investors' champion Sharesoc, comes after Aston shares suffered heavy losses twice in just eight days after posting a profit warning, and then a near-£80m half year loss.

Legal experts say that today's clearing of Ramsey Barreto (pictured) from west London could mean people convicted for filming who did not appeal the decision as he did can now be cleared.

Which UK postcodes have most drivers over 90? Birmingham tops the list

Following the Duke of Edinburgh's shunt outside the Royal's Sandringham home earlier this year at the ripe age of 97, there have been growing concerns for the number of elderly motorists who retain driving licences in Britain. Key worries are failing eyesight, slower reaction times and conditions such as dementia, with police and safety campaigners fearing that many pensioners are simply not fit to be behind the wheel. Despite this, DVLA records show that there are 113,500 licence holders in the UK over 90 - and more than 300 are over a century old. Birmingham came out on top with 2,869 drivers who exceed 90 years - and of these eight were over 100. These motorists account for just 0.2% of the 1.4m licence holders in the area. Find out how many people over nine decades old are still on the road in your postcode.

BMW's 3-series is the 'bread and butter' premium family car that underpins the success of the German manufacturer in Britain and around the world. This is the sixth generation 3-series Touring.

Drivers were hit with £1.6 billion in council fines last year, to the fury of campaigners who called the penalties 'grossly unjust'. Councils handed out nearly £200,000 an hour in fines.

Motorway service station overlooking Severn Bridge voted worst in the country 

The Severn View site on the M48 in Gloucestershire (pictured left) run by Moto had a satisfaction rating of 72 per cent in a poll. The second lowest ranked was Burtonwood on the M62 in Cheshire followed by Cullompton on the M5 in Devon and Frankley southbound on the M5 in Worcestershire. The survey by watchdog Transport Focus ranked Norton Canes on the M6 Toll in Staffordshire (inset left) as the best services for the second year running with approval rates of 99 per cent. Nearly 12,000 customers were asked about subjects such as hygiene, food and value for money at 111 services in England between February and April. Rankings for all 111 services have been revealed.

The first two of six speed cameras have been installed on the A149 near the Sandringham Estate where Prince Philip, 98, rolled his Land Rover in a crash that left a woman, 46, with a broken wrist.

Drivers could face £1,000 fines and three penalty points of their licence if they are found to have air fresheners, fluffy dice or sat-navs blocking their view, according to IAM RoadSmart today.

Drivers over 70 face eye tests every three years to keep their licences. The proposal is being considered by the Department for Transport to 'identify drivers who pose a collision risk'.

Just 500 Megane R.S. Trophy-Rs will be made, and just 32 of those have been promised to customers in the UK. The question is, who will buy one of these outrageously expensive cars?

Shocking moment car flips over and spins on roof then crashes into ditch (as radio plays 'I'm spinning around in circles' by Calum Scott)

Dash cam footage shows the black car coming towards an oncoming vehicle in Warlingham, Surrey, before smashing into trees at the side of the road. The impact sends it hurtling towards the other car, spinning several times before narrowly dodging a second crash and falling into a ditch on the other side. The driver of the other car says he was four seconds away from being hit - while the words 'I'm spinning around in circles' from the Calum Scott song plays on the stereo.

Carlos Tavares, chief executive of parent firm PSA, threatened to move construction of future Vauxhall Astras and Opel Astras to southern Europe if post-Brexit trading terms were not satisfactory.

A 15.2 per cent decline in car manufacturing in June was the 13th consecutive fall, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said.

Completely original barn find 1969 Lamborghini Miura expected to sell for £1MILLION

Described as a 'time capsule' example of the legendary Lambo, it has been preserved in unrestored condition boasting the original paint, trim and mechanical parts it left the factory with. With just two owners from new, it has been kept in a barn for the last four years. The odometer reads just 29,020 kilometres - which is a mere 18,032 miles. On average, that works out at the car being driven 360 miles each of the 50 years since it was made. RM Sotheby's says it should fetch between £800,000 and £1million when it goes under the hammer.

The stock fell another 74.25p, or 13 per cent, to a post-flotation low of 493.75p after the luxury British carmaker revealed it had slumped to a half-year loss.

The DB7 ushered in a new era for Aston Martin. For years people have been saying DB7s must go up in value - and they haven't - but it may soon happen, says our Cash Cars column.

This is the first time that Musk has elaborated on exactly which streaming services the Tesla will offer to its customers after a prior tweet, addressed to a fan of the automaker that foreshadowed the move.

Experts say speed limiters will be easy and cheap to install in new cars by 2022

A new report hints that the installation of Intelligent Speed Assistance technology would be fairly straightforward, with experts claiming they are simple and cheap for car makers to fit. That's because many modern cars on sale today already have the hardware fitted for systems such as Lane Assistance and cameras that can read traffic signs.

A Tesla Model 3 owner took it upon himself to use a stranger's outdoor outlet to charge his car on Friday, and left the vehicle parked on the lawn of Phil Fraumeni of Lake Worth, Florida overnight to do it.

Navigating rush hour traffic in major cities is already a major hassle for millions, but researchers say the situation could be far worse once self-driving cars susceptible to hackers become the norm.

Best and worst pick-up trucks you can buy in Britain 2019

Pick up trucks are synonymous with the US and the Australian outback, but more Britons buy them today than any other time on record. Here's a countdown from worst to best models on sale in the UK right now. This includes (clockwise from top left) the Ssangyong Musso, Ford Ranger, Mercedes-Benz X-Class and VW Amarok.

Dream job for supercar fans: hunting abandoned vehicles in Dubai

A UK firm is recruiting for a 'supercar scout' in Dubai - someone who can track down abandoned luxury vehicles as one of the most incredible full-time positions we've ever seen advertised. North London company HushHush says it will pay one lucky candidate a £30k basic salary plus commission for every deserted supercar that's acquired and sold, on top of full living and travel expenses - and applications are currently open.

Coventry-based JLR, which is owned by Indian firm Tata Motors, sold 128,615 cars over the period, marking a drop of 11.6 per cent on a year ago.

The Department for Transport on Thursday released the Road Casualties Report for 2018, confirming that 1,782 were killed on roads last year. That's down 1% compared to 2017.

The cars most likely to fail an MOT test revealed

MOT results sourced from the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) for 2017 has been used to list the 10 models in each vehicle category - from city cars to large SUVs - that had the highest and lowest pass rates. Among the models topping their classes are the (clockwise from top left) Vauxhall Tigra, Fiat Stilo, Jeep Patriot and Renault Clio.

The companies are currently trialing the project in the Mercedes-Benz Museum parking garage, Stuttgart, where the service is accessed via a smartphone app.

Hiroto Saikawa, the current CEO of Nissan, said the majority of the job cuts will come from the production line and happen in the next three years as the business cuts costs amid falling sales.

Speeding motorists were given the option of having three points on their licence or facing a talking to from children as young as eight. Forces in London, Hertfordshire and West Yorkshire took part.

Skoda's new Scala family hatchback is not to be sniffed at. Not only does it deliver remarkable fuel economy, it's also designed to help drivers and passengers avoid hay fever during the heatwave.

Supply of new electric cars could 'trickle' to UK customers after Brexit

If Britain leaves the European Union without an agreement, Transport & Environment warned that manufacturers would prioritise other markets as part of efforts to hit strict air pollution targets set for 2021. As a result, deliveries of the latest electric cars to British motorists would slow to a 'trickle' as other nations received the bulk of the newest vehicles with extended ranges and lower prices.

The luxury car group has slashed its profitability targets and downgraded its production targets for the year, amid 'macro-economic uncertainties' and poor sales across the UK and Europe.

A paper released by the Transport Select Committee in Westminster, says swapping from our reliance on cars to walking and cycling can help combat these social issues.

Cash Cars: The Jaguar XJR gets you supercar speed and luxury for £6k

Buy a car near the bottom of its depreciation curve and while you may find yourself forking out for repairs you won't lose thousands in value. That can spell interesting motoring that costs you less and is the theory behind our Cash Cars series. In this column, Tony Middlehurst reckons Jaguar's supercharged luxe-express might not be the unreliable money-pit you think it is - and a smasher could be yours from about £6,000.

Honda's S2000 sports car from a golden age of engineering: Cash Cars

The Honda S2000 is a fast and capable roadster from a golden age of old-school engineering. It gives you 0-60mph in six seconds, a 150mph top speed, classic rear-wheel drive, great handling, 50/50 weight distribution and a cool driving environment. Buy a good one now for under £10,000 and it should hold its value and reward you with many miles of high-revving fun, says Tony Middlehurst in our Cash Cars column.

The cheapest new Audi A8 will cost you £69,995, but a good quality used example could be yours for a few thousands pounds and it's not likely to fall much further in value.

Savvy buyers can pick up cars that will may only retain their value, but could be sold for more down the line. in our new Cash Cars column Tony Middlehurst looks for models that fit the bill

Different speed cameras explained: The 15 types used in Britain

Do you know your Gatso from your HADECS? Can you tell which are fixed smart motorways cameras and average speed monitors? Take our quiz and find out which UK cameras you need to look out for on the road. Pictured right to left, TOP: Digital Gatso, HADECS3, Siemens SafeZone, SPECS. BOTTOM: SpeedSpike, Truvelo D-Cam, Truvelo Combi, VECTOR.

For buyers of new cars this could mean an increase in first year VED rates of up to £65. And many drivers with older cars could also be stung, with some having to fork out an extra £15 a year.

This theory element is now made up of 50 multiple choice questions and 14 short video clips in which people have to click on the screen when they see a potential hazard.

Worryingly, almost one in five motorists believe a glowing icon on the dashboard is a good thing. Take the quiz to see if you know what these nine common icons are trying to tell a driver.

While there is some a general uniformity and standardisation when it comes to roadside instructions, some European countries have signs that are unique from any other nation.

Brand image is a powerful force in the car world, but many of the most famous are owned by huge carmaking groups. Take our quiz and test yourself with 15 questions on who owns who.

According to new research by Accident Advice Helpline, millions of licence holders have forgotten some of the basics and can't recall the meaning behind common road signs.

Lightyear releases a £134,000 SOLAR car that will do 12,400m a year using energy from sun

Lightyear One can be charged directly from the sun thanks to the 5 square metres of solar cells on its roof and bonnet. This generates a maximum of 20,000km (12,400m) worth of free energy per year. With Department for Transport calculating that the average motorist covers 7,134 miles annually, it means Britons could drive all-year-round for free - granted the sun comes out for long enough to charge the One's battery. First deliveries of 500 examples will arrive in 2021. Customers can place a £106k deposit today to secure one of the vehicles, which can also boost its battery pack by plugging into conventional electric car chargers and electricity supplies.

If they want more range than the standard 162 miles on offer, Nobe owners can purchase a portable 'suitcase' battery that extends driving limits on a full charge to 193 miles.

The new plug-in Mini Electric accelerates briskly from rest to 62mph in 7.3 seconds and will on to a top speed electronically restricted to 93mph, with a range between 124 and 144 miles.

Legendary British sports car maker Lotus is accelerating back into the limelight with the new all-electric Evija hypercar that aims to be the most powerful production vehicle on the planet.

In the current market, where around 8 in 10 new cars are financed and monthly payments are impacted by the rate of depreciation, its becoming more important to find a model that holds its value.



Best electric cars by real-world range that you can buy NOW

There are some big discrepancies between the 'official' and real-world ranges, and there's a staggering 202-mile differences in the ranges of the best and worst new electric cars you can buy in showrooms today, according to figures from What Car?'s Real Range test. Here are 14 models you can buy in showrooms right now, and how far you can rely on them to travel between charges. The list includes (clockwise from top left) Audi's e-tron, Hyundai's Kona, Nissan's Leaf and Jaguar's I-Pace.

Of the seven vehicles tested, the DS 3 Crossback, Mazda 3, Toyota RAV4 and Volvo S60 were given a 'poor' score due to their pregnable keyless systems.

Bentley has long prided itself on making luxury cars that are a thrill to drive, but to celebrate its 100th birthday it has revealed an electric grand tourer that could pilot itself.

Feedback from 18,000 owners in the last 12 months has been collected by What Car? who have now listed the 10 most - and least - reliable brands. Here is how the best and worst stacked up...

It uses a 2.9-litre V6 with 503bhp and has room for the kids. We spent a week with Alfa's first high-octane all-wheel-drive brute to find out if you really can blend bulk with incomprehensible speed.

Best of the Festival of the Unexceptional - a classic car show for the drab

The Festival of the Unexceptional celebrates some of the blandest, ugliest and underwhelming vehicles from history that have - for one reason or another - been lovingly kept by owners. Last weekend, thousands of ordinary-car enthusiasts came together at Claydon House in Buckinghamshire to admire a range of models most of us would probably ignore. However, look at the photos from Saturday's event and you're bound to come across something that will jog the memory. Pictured clockwise from top left: Citroen BX Estate, Austin Metro, Rover 200 and Vauxhall Cavalier.

Reliability is a serious issue with executive cars, mainly because they're crammed with tech and gadgets that tends to go wrong. Fortunately, we can tell you the ones to look for and those to avoid.

As Britain enjoys bursts of sweltering temperatures, inbetween the rain, the idea of driving with the wind in your hair can be very appealing. These are the classics - and modern classics - to consider.

Most reliable used cars you can buy with high mileage

For those on a tight budget, a new car will be out of the question. However, these models should offer good reliability even when they've been heavily used by a previous owner. The list includes used versions of (from top left) Kia's Cee'd, Ford's Fiesta, Skoda's Octavia, Toyota's RAV4, BMW's 3 Series and Honda's Civic.

Aston Martin's Q-Brand releases progress report for 25 continuation DB5 cars built in homage to 1964 Goldfinger film featuring all the gadgets 007 - Sean Connery - unleashed in the movie.

Are you running a 2001-registered motor into the ground without realising it soon could be worth far more than you think? It could be a mistake made by plenty of Britons, experts have warned.

How to get cheap car insurance: Ten tips to find the best quotes

One in three motorists pay over the odds for their car insurance - and the worst thing you can do is simply renew. We reveal ten tips to get the cheapest car insurance deal and show you the places to go to compare car cover and potentially save hundreds of pounds.




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