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Last updated: 00:09 BST, 22 August 2019

4K images of the Titanic shipwreck reveal a 'partial collapse of hull'

The first ever 4K quality images of the Titanic wreckage were captured during a recent expedition led by Atlantic Productions. The high-definition footage has revealed the 'shocking' extent of its deterioration. The ship sits at around 13,000ft (4,000m) beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, where salt corrosion and metal-eating bacteria have worn away parts of the liner's structure. It's been filmed numerous times in the past, and real footage was even used in the James Cameron film about the tragedy (top right). The first ever footage from 1985 gave us the first blurry look at the ruins undersea.

Croatian teenage boys had their skulls squashed to show their allegiance to a specific

Croatian teenage boys from 1,500 years ago had their skulls squashed to show which tribe they belonged to.  That's according to experts at the University of Vienna, who studied remains from an archaeological site in Osijek, Croatia.   They focused on skeletons unearthed from the Hermanov vinograd, which was excavated in 2013 and contained three human skeletons dating to 415-560 CE, which was the Great Migration Period.

A new report reveals Xbox users were recorded by Microsoft as part of a program to analyze users' voice-commands for accuracy and that those recordings were assessed by human contractors.

Researchers from Ireland and the US presented over 3,000 eligible voters in Ireland with legitimate and made-up stories ahead of the 2018 referendum on legalizing abortion.

The latest example of a copy-and-paste hoax began circulating Tuesday and claims 'everything you've ever posted' to Instagram 'becomes public from today' and can be used against you.

In a second thread of head-scratching tweets about Mars, Musk advanced a new theory of cultivating the planet. This one seems to involve harnessing the suns rays using 'solar reflectors'

Pristine wall art and delicate clay pots are found inside an underground imperial tomb in

The underground chamber - believed to be one of several rooms - was located underneath Xiaojingyu Elementary School in the city of Taiyuan. Officials said the perfectly preserved murals and pottery appeared to be from the middle of the Tang Dynasty - 618 to 907 AD. A tombstone inside the burial chamber suggested the individual laid to rest underground was 'not a commoner', but their identity remains shrouded in mystery.

Researchers say 1.195 million members of the site Luscious, a forum where people share animated porn, were affected by an authentication issue that allowed access to the site's database.

Geochemists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts analysed 160 rocks taken from the lower oceanic crust and upper mantle across the globe.

Researchers led from the National Museum of Denmark analysed the skeletal remains of 88 individuals from the time found in 37 localities across modern Denmark.

While YouTube has a separate app for children that doesn't use targeted ads, it still has droves of kids content on its main site, for which its data-driven product placement still applies.

Robots at conference in China can fly, swim and even do brain surgery

Cutting-edge robots are on display at the 2019 World Robot Conference in Beijing, running from August 20 to 25, are expected to attract nearly 200 guests from 22 countries. Over 700 robots specialising with more than 21 industrial applications will be exhibited between now and the close of the conference. Pictured (clockwise from top left): a fake fish; a surgical simulator; a flying drone with beating wings; a medical rehabilitation glove; a service robot; a robo dog.

Academics at Queen's University Belfast found there had been a population decline for almost 200 years before the Vikings settled in Ireland in the 10th century.

Cat lovers can now CLONE their pet for £29,000 as a Chinese biotech firm successfully creates a male kitten 

The British shorthair kitten, named Garlic (top and bottom right) was born inside the laboratories of Sinogene Biotechnology Company in Beijing, 66 days after an embryo was implanted inside a surrogate mother (left). While the practice of cloning pets seems benign, experts fear that such genetic tinkering could be a sign of things to come for people.


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Mummified remains of Incan 'Princess' who died 500 years ago finally returned to Bolivia

Known as Ñusta, a Quechua word for 'Princess,' the mummy amazes many because of its excellent state of preservation: Its black braids seem recently combed and its hands still cling to small feathers. Experts say the mummy originally came from a region in the Andean highlands near La Paz during the last years of the Inca civilization.

Experts from the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology studied around 1.81 million quakes that struck southern California from 2008-17.

Researchers led by Newcastle University found green space had a larger impact on wellbeing than job and income. The Government advises everyone lives close to nature for physical health.

Stegosaurs are armoured dinosaurs recognisable by spike-like bones protruding from their spine and tails and a new species has been found in Morocco.

Around 45% of UK households have up to five unused electronic devices. estimates. Each contains valuable 'rare earth elements' which are increasingly endangered.

Scientists in Taiwan found long-term exposure to nitrogen dioxide - a pollutant that is especially linked to old diesel cars - increased the risk of AMD among over-50s by 91 per cent.

'Skeleton lake' located 16,000ft up in the Himalayas is filled with some 'Mediterranean

Analysis of human remains found high in the Himalayas suggest that Greeks were among hundreds of people who died at a mysterious location known as Skeleton Lake. Roopkund Lake on the Indian side of the Himalayas was thought to be the site of an ancient catastrophe that left several hundred people dead. But the first ancient whole genome DNA data from India shows that several different groups of people died at the lake in several incidents up to 1,000 years apart.

In 1993, psychologists led by K. Anders Ericsson recruited 30 violinists of varying calibres from the Music Academy of West Berlin to prove practice accounts for skill. A new study suggests it does not.

FILE - In this March 27, 2018 file photo, the Jaguar I-Pace vehicle outfitted with Waymo's suite of sensors and radar is introduced in New York. Google autonomous vehicle spinoff Waymo says it will start testing on public roads in Florida to better experience heavy rain. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

The cars will operate in the Miami area and take on some highway driving to Orlando, Tampa, and Fort Myers, allowing Waymo to collect data first-hand using laser and radar sensors.

Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia analysed and altered the internal bacteria of a koalas' guts and made acid-resistant tablets to alter the microbiome.

Scientist Dr Helen Pilcher, got her PhD in Cell Biology from London's Institute of Psychiatry and led the research with the help of 'Beano boffins' and sound specialists Bose Professional.

One hack involved sending the camera commands that would allow one to reconfigure the device to pair to their own Nest app, essentially transferring full ownership of the camera.

Scientist say ultra-fast outflows (UFOs), a kind of torrential gas, or 'wind', that spews out from supermassive black holes, could be shaping the Milky Way and beyond in ways previously undocumented.

Psycholinguist Dr Sylvia Jaworska, an Associate Professor at Reading University, suggests that when perusing a menu we are in many ways almost 'eating the words'.

European MPs and conservationists demand a ban on the trophy hunting of endangered species

The letter was given to CITES Secretary-General Ivonne Higuero during the global wildlife conference being held in Geneva. Switzerland from August 17-28, 2019. The meeting is tasked with evaluating CITES's rules - however the issue of trophy hunting had not been on the agenda for discussion. The move comes after trophy hunters made headlines and dominated social media this past weekend with an image of a dead giraffe, slayed by trophy hunters, going viral (left). Outrage at the killing came from all over the world, including notorious outspoken condemner of trophy hunting and comedian Ricky Gervais, BBC star and ex-footballer Gary Lineker and Giles Coran, a British food writer and television presenter. Many celebrities have thrown themselves behind the cause, including Kevin Pietersen (top right) the famed ex-England cricket player who is now an activist against rhino poaching. Hunters are known to prey on a broad range of species, including cheetahs, crocodiles, elephants (bottom right), giraffes, grey parrots and rhinoceros, as well as primates like chimpanzees.

The company said Tuesday that it is adding a section where you can see the activity that Facebook tracks outside its service via its 'like' buttons and other means. You can choose to turn off tracking

After you've applied and gotten approval for Apple Card, you can start using it right away in the Wallet app. Customers also have the option of getting the physical, titanium Apple Card.

The California-based company has angered environmentalists for three items used to mail purchases: an air pillow, bubble-lined plastic bag and standard plastic bag.

Once launched, Europa Clipper will make its way to one of Jupiter's 79 moons called Europa, where it will conduct a host of experiments designed to test the watery planet's capacity to harbor life.

Researchers from the University of Nottingham and British Geological Survey analysed samples taken from Bowland in Lancashire to make the finding.

The patent was filed by Sony's technical director at Brazil's National Institute of Industrial Property, earlier this year. It was then registered at the World Intellectual Property Office database.

The span along U.S. 101 will only be the second animal overpass in a state where tunnels are more common. Officials say it will be the first of its kind near major metropolis and the largest in the world.

The adventure involves spending three days and nights in the confines of Ares Station, a 60 meter-high, 1.5km long cave, deep in the Canatabrian mountains.

Bionic shorts could turn you into a better runner: Bizarre 'exosuit' knows how fast you're moving and boosts endurance by pulling your legs further 

According to researchers, using the machine is equivalent to reducing a person's metabolic work rate by 9.3 percent when walking and about 4 percent when running. As noted by MIT Technology Review , that's like removing 12 to 17 pounds from the waist.

Marketing researcher Rae Yule Kim of the Rutgers University in New Jersey monitored more than 10 million adverts with reviews on an online hotel booking website in 2017.

Researchers from the Rutgers University in New Jersey gave 414 students each a set of 20 anagram-based word puzzles to solve, during which some took a break on their phones.

California-based Apple's budget for the first year of TV+ has been boosted to $6 billion (£5 billion) as it endeavours to generate a content library capable of standing alongside those of its competitors.

Indian Space Research Organisation chairman Kailasavadivoo Sivan (AP)

Chandrayaan-2 is India's pioneering mission to the moon and it will continue circling in orbit in a tighter path until reaching a distance of about 62 miles from the surface.

Researchers at The Maritime Archaeological Trust in Southampton discovered the site in 2005. They have been working to excavate further and reveal the secrets hidden buried underwater.

For three months, a team of scientists from the University of Vermont in the US studied hundreds of tweets per day that people posted from 160 parks in San Francisco.

Minecraft will soon look more realistic: Microsoft teams up with Nvidia to improve visuals

Microsoft says it will use chipmaker Nvidia's real-time ray tracing technology to provide the software company's Minecraft video game players more realistic graphics on personal computers. Real-time ray tracing, or the ability for the chip to simulate how light rays will bounce around in a visual scene, helps video games and other computer graphics more closely resemble shadows and reflections in the real world.

The social platform announced Reddit Public Access Network, a weeklong experiment that will allow users to post live-streaming video between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time.

The bug was previously identified by Google analysts and patched in iOS 12.3, but a recent transition to 12.4 which was released in June, has given the more than 100-day-old flaw new life.

Researchers from the University of California tracked 36 people aged 71 to 80 found they could outperform much younger unpractised people after 1,000 practice sessions.

Researchers from McMaster University examined female colonies of the spider known as Anelosimus studiosus, which lives along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the United States and Mexico.

Astrobotic was one of nine companies chosen in November to compete for $2.6 billion to develop small space vehicles and other technology for 20 missions to explore the lunar surface.

Sources told Reuters that Google shut down the service, called called Mobile Network Insight, due to concerns about data privacy in addition to challenges ensuring data quality.

NASA's Hubble observatory satellite found the luminous star last week when it was surveying the Orion constellation. Orion is visible in Britain from November to February.

Experts from the University of Vienna analysed the sleeping patterns of migratory Garden Warblers at a stopover site in the Mediterranean using thermal imaging cameras.

Elon Musk's Roadster and its dummy passenger have completed a full orbit around the sun

It's been over a year since Elon Musk launched a red sports car into space to show off the capabilities of SpaceX's powerful new rocket, the Falcon Heavy. Though you may have forgotten about it in the months since, the Roadster and its inanimate passenger are still making their way toward Mars. According to a website that's been tracking its journey since day one, Musk's Roadster and the dummy 'Starman' are now more than 185 million miles from Earth and have completed a full orbit around the sun.

The firm, set up by City of London entrepreneur Michael Spencer, announced a total investment of $10 million from its founders and a further $10 million each from core investors.

Disney+ video streaming service will launch Nov. 12 in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. It will also launch in Australia and New Zealand a week later, at $6 to $8 per month in these countries.

Researchers from Northwestern University, Illinois, studied nearly 400 adults and found that shrouding information in anecdotes compromises their persuasiveness.

Parenthood makes people happier - but only after their offspring have moved out, says Christopher Becker from Heidelberg University, who examined data from a recent European survey.

It was the most prize money a single person had ever won at  New York's famous Flushing Meadows tennis stadium, but Kyle Giersdorf wasn't playing in the U.S. Open when he won £2.4million

Scientists at the US National Center for Atmospheric Research tested a facial recognition technique which can spot the early signs that ail is about to happen.

Three's launch follows those of EE and Vodafone in May and July, respectively. After London, Three is planning to expand its 5G network to 25 other UK towns and cities.

The finding was made after experts from the University of Plymouth studied 165 of the strange 'rocks' that volunteers from an environmental charity had collected on beaches across Cornwall.

Incredible footage reveals the moment a nuclear reactor pulses and sends out an eerie blue glow in an impressive demonstration of 'Cherenkov light'

Experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria, released footage of the effect - a visual equivalent to the 'sonic boom' - at work. It happens when radioactive particles move faster than the speed of light through water. Scientists released footage of the effect taking place in a research reactor (pictured). They are used to produce radioisotopes for medicine and industry, for treating tumours, nondestructive testing of materials and for education and training.

Experts from The Australian National University in Canberra used the Ligo and Virgo gravitational wave detectors, based in the US and Europe respectively, to make the finding.

They surveyed more than 5,000 participants for the annual Singles In America paper, then followed it up with a second analysis of 275 adults. Together, they showed a direct correlation between emojis and sex.

Sir Terence English, who performed Britain's first ever successful heart transplant, said his mentee from the 1979 operation will try to replace a human kidney with a pigs before the end of the year.

The new filter will sort messages that 'may contain offensive content' into a separate inbox called 'additional messages' that users will have to click through manually.

Researchers from Switzerland and Italy delivered an electric current directly to the optic nerve of rabbits via an electrode called OpticSELINE (pictured).

Cyber criminals may have access to millions of people's online login details, security researchers at Google's Mountain View, California, headquarters suggests.

Forty zookeepers lift 164 stone Layla into a CAT scanner to treat a blocked nose

A team of vets have performed a CAT scan on a rhinoceros. The team, from the Chicago Zoological Society, performed the pioneering task in order to the animal's breathing problems. Layla (top right), an eight-year-old eastern black rhinoceros, was struggling with a blocked nose for several weeks, so they used modern technology to assess the root cause (left) - but only after sedating her and hauling her body into place (bottom right).

Research shows a kimchi drink sold in South Korea helps thicken existing hairs and in some cases new hairs grew within weeks. The dish consists of cabbage, onions, garlic, fish sauce and spices.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama will serve as HQ for a program to build a spacecraft to put astronauts back on the moon by 2024.

The company will discontinue its policy of allowing copyright owners to share in the ad revenue of creators video clips that contain unintentional and 'very short' clips of copyrighted music.

Astro is being developed by researchers from the Florida Atlantic University's Machine Perception and Cognitive Robotics Laboratory using deep learning and artificial intelligence technology.

Information systems researchers from the Brigham Young University in Utah surveyed 274 people and observed them interacting with both other people and their digital assistants.

Experts from the University of California Berkeley's Haas School of Business analysed hundreds of half-time speeches and final scores from high school and college basketball games.

Jarring though the idea may be, the tweet is a re-hash of an idea championed by Musk in the past that proposes using a nuclear weapon to terraform the Red Planet for human habitation.

Researchers say the vulnerability allows hackers to shorten an encryption key between two Bluetooth devices. From there, hackers can easily brute-force there way into a person's device.

Inside Virgin Galactic's 'Gateway to Space': Richard Branson's firm reveals first look at the New Mexico headquarters where wealthy tourists will go to 'graduate as astronauts'

Billionaire Richard Branson, who is behind Virgin Galactic, and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a Democrat, first pitched the plan for the spaceport nearly 15 years ago.The once-empty hangar that anchors the taxpayer-financed launch and landing facility has been transformed into a custom-tailored headquarters where Virgin Galactic will run its commercial flight operations.

University of Maryland environmental scientists say heavy rains washed wastewater and agricultural runoff into the bay and produced oxygen-stealing algae. 

Facebook users suing the world's largest social media network over a 2018 data breach say it failed to warn them about risks tied to its single sign-on tool, even though it protected its employees.

Doctoral student Morgan Johnstonbaugh at Arizona State University asked more than 1,000 college students to explain why they sent sexually-explicit material via text.

Psychologists from the University of Texas at Austin compared the moral decision-making of 100 people who had been given the hormone and 100 who took placebos.

Weird (and beautiful) science: Incredible images from 'science photographer of the year'

The images will go on display in central London, at a location that will be announced later this year. There will be two winning photographs from the competition. Images in the competition include a remarkable close-up of a Confused Flour Beetle (left) which is often found in grain and flour products. The scanning electronmicrograph (SEM) image captures the pores and undulating surface of the pest. Another incredible image is of soap bubble structures, revealing the sharp edges and fragile shapes which keep bubbles together (top right). Another entry to the competition includes a stunning shot of the Milky Way over the Himalayas in Nepal (bottom right).

The bandstand from which David Bowie gave a free festival in Beckenham, south-east London - having just released his first hit Space Oddity - has been granted Grade II listed status.

Scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden discovered a mesh-like organ within the skin that consists of glial cells. These cells have hair-like structures that may pick up on pain.

If found to be violating community guidelines, the content could be removed from Instagram's explore tab and searchable hashtags. The feature is currently only available to users in the US.

TechRadar reports that Huawei announced the postponement at a press event this week, pushing back its original September release date by potentially several months.

New signals were found by the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment telescope, and give scientists a much broader data set that they hope may help finally unlock their origin.

An employee walks out from the core stage of the Space Launch System, which will power the Artemis 1 lunar mission, as NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstinein tours the NASA Michaud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

In a press conference Thursday afternoon at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said engineers have at least 'four-firths of the rocket assembled.'

Architect designs a space-age sleeping space for Netflix-lovers

Created by Italian architect and designer Fabio Vinella for furniture brand Hi-Interiors, the bed frame has its own app which operates the built-in 4K projector, a retractable 70-inch screen and speakers.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday that July was 0.95 degrees Celsius (1.71 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than the 20th century average.

Researchers from Sun Yat-sen University in Zhuhai, China, found that the decline is linked to a vapour pressure deficit, a drop in the amount of water available in the atmosphere.

Facebook detailed two major changes to its user-created groups feature. One will simplify privacy settings across the platform and another will give administrators more moderation tools.

Researchers at Southern Methodist University were able to correctly identify 41 out of 100 words typed using the microphones from eight handsets placed on tables in a room where people were typing.

The suit, created by researchers at of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, is made of textile components worn at the waist and thighs.

UPS said on Thursday self-driving company TuSimple, and the world's largest package delivery company has been testing the startup's autonomous trucks since May on a busy freight route in Arizona.

Incredible images from the 2019 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year

The 2019 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year awards has once again revealed the stunning power of nature.  This year, the overall winner is Mat Beetson, from Western Australia, who took the top prize for his image of sharks circling a beached whale (top right). Taken at Cheynes Beach, Albany, with the use of a drone, it shows the ill-fated animal just five meters from the shore while great whites feast over the remains. Other stunning images include eastern quoll at Mt Field National Park, Tasmania, where it could be seen drinking from a local pool of rain water (top left), a new species of amphipod crustacean (centre), a possum (bottom left) and grey kangaroos out in the snow (bottom right).

The fungus has been detected across 180 hectares in the northeastern province of La Guajira. It could halt imports of the five billion bananas that come to the UK every year.

Theoretically, the 'verified caller' badge will help protect users from mistakenly answering robocalls which often fake or 'spoof' the numbers of other people or area codes.

Images captured during Rosetta's closest approach in 2015 painted a picture of an active, 'dusty' world surrounded by grains of disturbed material. A newly spotted large piece of debris orbits it like a moon.

A spokesperson for Microsoft said the company collects voice data to provide voice-enabled services for Skype and Cortana and uses vendors to assist in improving these services.

Face of toothless Iron Age elder 'Hilda the Druid' revealed in stunning reconstruction

Karen Fleming from the University of Dundee has recreated (right) the head of a woman, nicknamed Hilda, believed to have been from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. The skull of Hilda (inset) revealed clues about her appearance and an artist's impression (left) led to the physical bust which will now go on display at this year's Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design Masters Show. Ms Fleming, a mature student originally from Edinburgh, called Hilda a 'fascinating character to recreate'. She said: 'It's clear from the skull she was toothless before she died, which isn't too surprising considering the diet of folk back then but it was impressive how long she lived. 'A female's life expectancy at this time was roughly 31 years but it is now thought that living longer during the Iron Age is indicative of a privileged background.'

Amazon software, called 'Rekognition', has added 'fear' to its list of detectable emotions. The company says its has also improved the software's ability to identify gender and age more accurately.

The study, conducted by Germany's Alfred Wegener Institute, raises fresh questions about how much plastic humans are unintentionally inhaling.

A biohacking YouTuber has inserted the microchip to unlock her Tesla into her own arm. Amie DD had the implant put in her arm in Texas this month and says it is currently working but caused swelling.

Dr Sarah Pitt, a lecturer at the University of Brighton in East Sussex, identified proteins in the slime which could fight bacteria, specifically which cause lung infections.

A team from led by Patricia Hirsch of Germany's Aachen University reached the conclusion after analysing the performance of 48 men and 48 women.

In its immediate pipeline, Twitter said it will roll out the ability to search direct messages, making it easier to located specific conversations in your inbox, and will also begin supporting live photos.

A study led by the University of Cincinnati found that global temperature increase of just 2 to 2.5 degrees Celsius puts the Arctic at risk of being iceless during its annual minimum.

The scanner system is being developed by researchers from Cardiff University and security imaging firm Sequestim, who believe the invention could be a game-changer for border forces.

'Frankenstein's monster' AI-powered robot in Japanese Buddhist temple is preaching sermons to visitors in a bid to increase interest in the faith

The android Kannon (pictured left and bottom right), based on the Buddhist deity of mercy, began preaching at the 400-year-old Kōdai-ji zen temple (top right) in Kyoto's Higashiyama-ku ward earlier this year. The pious droid delivers sermons from the Heart Sutras in Japanese, which are accompanied by projected Chinese and English translations for foreign visitors.

Designer Rosie Broadhead, who created the garment as part of her postgraduate degree at London's Central Saint Martins, said the pale grey garment reduces the smell of body odor.

For three weeks, 15 scientists and engineers sent by the US space agency descended on Iceland's Lambahruan lava field last month to develop a prototype Mars rover for ahead of 2020 mission.

Facial recognition information, unencrypted usernames and passwords, and personal information was unearthed by Israeli security researchers Noam Rotem and Ran Locar.

Researchers from Midwestern University discovered the fossils in the Rio Grande do Sul state in southern Brazil, which are the oldest known fossils of their kind found in Gondwana.

The research from Cornell University looks at the 'chemical fingerprint' of methane in the atmosphere and concludes that a third in the past decade has come from exploiting shale gas.

The infection has spread across the UK's lakes and ponds this summer and claimed the lives of four dogs in Sussex, Cheshire, Edinburgh and Northern Ireland.

Researchers from the University of Southampton, Bangor University and the National Oceanography Centre have identified 18 non-indigenous species off the UK coast.

Publishing expert Alison Baverstock of the University of Kingston, London teamed up with economist Jackie Steinitz to explore what makes a bestselling political biography.

Giant five foot tall penguin that weighed 175 pounds and was the size of a human lived in New Zealand 66 million years ago alongside 'the world's largest parrot, huge eagles and burrowing bats'

Leg bones (bottom right) belonging to the bird were found at the Waipara Greensand fossil site in New Zealand last year and have now been confirmed as a new species. The giant waddling sea bird (artist's impression, left) and top right) stood 5.25 feet high and weighed 175 pounds. It hunted off New Zealand's coast in the Paleocene era, 66 to 56 million years ago, adding to the list of extinct 'megafauna' that lived in the region at this time.

The unlikely achievement comes after he played a set from the International Space Station's Columbus module.His performance was transmitted via satellite to a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea.

In this Thursday, July 11, 2019, photograph, United States Department of Agriculture intern Alex Olsen prepares to place down a drone at a research farm northeast of Greeley, Colo. Researchers are using drones carrying imaging cameras over the fields in conjunction with stationary sensors connected to the internet to chart the growth of crops in an effort to integrate new technology into the age-old skill of farming. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Greeley and other sites across the Southwest are experimenting with drones, specialized cameras and other technology to squeeze the most out of every drop of water in the Colorado River.

Scientists develop simple way to manipulate sex of offspring (Lynne Cameron/PA)

The method was developed on mice at the University of Japan where researchers created a simple way to determine between sperm bearing either an X or Y chromosome.

Neanderthals commonly suffered from 'swimmer's ear', study finds

Surfer's ear, or external auditory exostoses as they are known medically, are abnormal growths of bone within the ear canal. Washington University examined well-preserved ear canals (right) in the remains of 77 ancient humans, including Neanderthals (left) and early modern humans from the Middle to Late Pleistocene Epoch. Around half of the 23 Neanderthal remains examined exhibited mild to severe EAEs - at least twice the frequency seen in almost any other population studied.

Rainwater collected from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado show many types of plastic particles, including beads and other shards, in another reminder of how easily small particles can spread.

As noted by the National Weather service via a tweet from climatologist, Brian Brettschneider, the event happened further North than just about any lighting strike in recent memory.

In a demonstration by the ACLU, about 26 California lawmakers were misidentified by face-matching software built by Amazon, putting the rate of a mismatch at about 1 in 5.

Scientists from Oxford University decided to look into the alleged plight of clown fish after the 2003 blockbuster Finding Nemo and reports that people rushed out to buy the species as pets.

The unnamed person, who works at at Verizon Media and goes by the Twitter handle @_MG_, created the tool to highlight outstanding security risks surrounding modern technology.

The firm took the wraps off Spectacles 3 on Tuesday, revealing a sleek new design with a dual HD camera system for capturing both photos and videos.

Experts from the French National Centre for Scientific Research tested the remains of sheep on Skara Brae using isotope dating methods to make the finding.

Putin's robo-nauts prepare for lift-off: Russia's space agency releases eerie footage of human-like android Fedor as he gets ready to board the International Space Station crew next week

The Russia's space agency have released eerie footage of their human-like android which will board the International Space Station, next week. Nicknamed Fedor - which stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Research - the anthropomorphous machine was seen undergoing a battery of stress-tests at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, last month.  Dubbed Putin's robo-naut, footage shows the cyborgs being able to determine targets and capable of honing in on specific points, such as steering wheels, which will surely come in handy. 

Building off of a concept introduced by physicist Gerard O'Neill – who Bezos himself studied under during his time at Princeton – the Blue Origin founder outlined habitats that could hold cities.

NASA is investigating how best to respond to the possibility of an asteroid or a comet colliding with Earth in fictional situations.

On stage, Bezos took the wraps off a massive model of what will be the firm’s first lunar lander, dubbed Blue Moon. The event kicked off at 4 p.m. in Washington D.C, and was not live streamed.

In a profanity-laden tirade from one of TV's most famous liaisons of science and learning, viewers were dealt a stark warning about the disastrous effects of climate change.

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket successfully took its second flight ever on Thursday afternoon, when it lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center carrying Lockheed Martin's Arabsat 6A satellite.

The Beresheet spacecraft began experiencing problems shortly after it began its descent, despite a promising start in which it sent back a selfie at just 22 kilometers from the surface.

A drill that will spearhead the search for life on Mars was put through its paces using a vehicle resembling a soapbox derby contraption.

The ancient workshop is thought to date back to the 18th Dynasty, during the reign of Amenhotep III – King Tut’s grandfather. The sphinx and hundreds of hieroglyphic fragments were found at the site.

The battery-powered devices about the size of a small cooler and can deliver packages autonomously, but for now, they'll be accompanied with a human while they're being tested out.

On Dec. 21, during winter solstice, four of Juno's cameras captured images of the Jovian moon Io, the most volcanic body in our solar system, on the mission's 17th flyby of the gas giant.

The research from the consumer watchdog Which? comes as the UK prepares for the London Marathon this weekend and found the Garmin's Vivosmart 4 was named the least reliable.

A study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison wrapped the e-bandage around the chests of rats who had a cut on their backs. This caused the wound to heal in just three days versus 12 in others.

First found in China, it has caused significant problems in other areas it has invaded. It can form dense mats of up to 1,500 mussels per square metre – which can suffocate scallops and oysters.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have studied thousands of species of animals and birds to work out where reservoirs of contagious, mosquito-borne viruses could be.

The startup, called Humu, uses machine learning to parse through employee data and then 'nudges' workers to help them improve in areas that might make their work lives better.

Ford created a futuristic-looking dog kennel that uses noise-cancellation panels and the carmarker's active noise control technology to create an insulated environment for pets.

It was the ultimate speed battle between man and nature as Felipe Massa took on a peregrine falcon, the fastest animal on planet Earth. The falcon is capable of speeds of up to 217mph.

FILE - In this Tuesday, May 5, 2015 file photo, rush hour traffic fills the 6 October bridge over the Nile River in Cairo, Egypt. Uber is launching a new minibus service on Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018, in traffic-mad Cairo, Egypt's capital and the ride-sharing U.S. giant's fastest-growing market. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar, File)

Uber launched a new minibus service on Tuesday in traffic-mad Cairo, Egypt's capital and one of the U.S. ride-sharing giant's fastest-growing markets.

Footage of the colour-changing octopus was captured by a free-diver as he swam in the crystal clear waters in the French Riviera.

Australian scientists found sharks incubated in tanks that simulate temperatures in 2100 became 'right handed', preferring to swim to the  right, a process known as lateralization.

Most visitors think of New York's Parks as the only place to find trees. However, a new study found New York City has  over 5 million 'forested natural areas' along with 666,000 street trees.

The underwater skeletons of 185 wooden ships, referred to as ghost vessels, were deliberately sunk or have been left to decompose for hundreds of years in the Potomac River, Maryland, US.

McLaren have given Formula One fans their take on what the future of the sport looks like as they presented the 2050: the MCLExtreme, a futuristic race car built and designed for the future.

A researcher from Princeton University in New Jersey has found that testosterone levels and masculine features are directly related to the perception of a man's talent.

A new pair of hovershoes unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, called Motokicks, could soon replace your scooter, bike and skateboard - just don't try to take them for a spin in the rain.

An accidental discovery by Harvard academics has now found that a slightly different version of RNA may have been the key ingredient allowing for life on Earth to blossom.

Dr Dombard and his colleagues presented a possible solution to this problem at the American Geophysical Union meeting in Washington, DC, this week.

Ed Dentel, 46, of Richmond, Virginia, was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat - known as atrial fibrillation - after his Apple Watch alerted him that something was wrong on Thursday.

Passengers could receive their Amazon deliveries on HS2 trains, a manufacturer has claimed (HS2/PA)

Ilford-based company Bombardier Transportation is developing technology which would enable click-and-collect services on board.

Michelle Vall, 53, of Blackpool found the artefact under six inches of mud while holidaying at Loch Lomond. The signet ring is in perfect condition and is believed to be worth up to £10,000.

Archaeologists believe they have found the final resting place of Antony and Cleopatra in the ancient city of Taposiris Magna, around eighteen miles from Alexandria in Egypt.

Fifteen Gallic amphoras were found half submerged in the sand and were first spotted by two scuba divers outside the city of Portofino in late November last year.

The jacket alerts the rider to dangers around them and the helmet projects vital information, such as their speed, revs and a rear view camera on the visor to make you feel like Iron Man on a bike.

Military chiefs planned to use the explosives, codenamed Blue Peacock (pictured), to devastate Soviet forces if they forced the western Allies into retreat during an invasion of Europe.

US sportswear giant Nike has teased its first self-lacing basketball trainers, which the company has suggested will be controllable from a smartphone.

A Russian historian claims the French Emperor ordered decoys to be sent to a fictional burial site 40 miles from the actual location during his retreat from Moscow in 1812.

NASA says the incredible image is 'the largest panoramic view of the fire and fury of star birth in the distant universe.' The images uses ultraviolet light to create a never-before seen image.

A team of University of Bristol researchers used scanning electron microscopy to quantify melanosome extracts from the feathers of 97 species of modern birds with iridescent plumage.

Hess was captured by 1941 in Scotland after parachuting into the UK and tried at Nuremberg and later imprisoned at Berlin's Spandau prison.

Price beats the previous world record for a British coin by more than £200,000. Only 20 of the 'Vigo' five guinea pieces were minted, to celebrate the theft of American gold form the Spanish fleet.

The enormous predator, known as 'Deep Blue', was first seen by diver and photographer Mark Mohler and Kimberly Jeffries on Sunday last week nine miles from the coast off the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

The spacecraft completed its 16th close flyby of the giant planet this past October, revealing some of our best glimpses yet at its fascinating atmospheric processes.

The findings, by researchers at the University of Oxford, could help predict a sportsman's performance - and the rate of his decline - over his career.

San Francisco based Earth imaging company Planet Lab has launched a record number of satellites into space which combined can photograph the entire landmass of the world.

Gadgets on show this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas include the Y-brush, which cleans your teeth in just ten seconds.

The FlexPai is billed as the world's first foldable smartphone by its developer Royole and has a super flexible screen which can be bent from the middle.

French startup Neural Up demonstrated its incredible relaxation technology in Las Vegas this week at CES. The patented acoustic technology aims to 'enhance your emotional balance.'

Experts say the stellar ‘tantrum’ could provide a window into the birth of potentially habitable exoplanets, revealing how huge events shake up the material orbiting distant stars.

Researchers from the University of Washington say lessons from the Great Dying have major implications for the fate of today's warming world.

China's Chang'e 4 spacecraft has brought vegetable seeds and silkworm eggs in a small tin to the moon. Researchers hope the seeds will grow to blossom on the moon in 100 days.

UberAir will make its debut in the American cities of Los Angeles and Dallas in 2023, and is hoping the taxis may fly in British skies in the next decade.

A trial is starting in August which will see customers leave their car in a drop-off zone before summoning a robot through a designated app. It will be at Gatwick's South Terminal long-stay car park.

The study has revealed new insight on the potential abundance of Jupiter-sized young planets in other corners of the Milky Way, and suggests our solar system may not be unique.

Dozens of winners of the Nobel Prize have written to UK Prime Minister Theresa May and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker setting out their concerns.

Archaeologists at University College London discovered that the bones in the feet of Neolithic cattle demonstrated distinctive wear patterns, indicative of exploitation as 'animal engines'.

Researchers at the Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder in Key Largo, Florida, played videos on a TV screen through underwater windows.

A new investigation into the genome of Asian populations has spotted the footprint of a long-ago hominid that appears to have been cross-bred from two different species of human ancestor.

The striking artefacts were found at the mysterious site in Abermagwr, Wales, which has fascinated archaeologists for years. Romans were previously thought to have had little interaction with locals.

Former Israeli Air Force pilot Alon Getz helped design the new cutting-edge technology as part of his start-up company RideOn. It is being trialed in Austria.

Byton kicked off CES 2019 by revealing the souped up interior of its M-Byte vehicle, complete with additional displays – including a touchscreen in the middle of the steering wheel.

Anjou unveiled a tabletop device that can print any picture on your nails in 30 seconds. The firm demo'ed at CES, showing how users can choose from 500 designs or upload their own images.

Unlimited Tomorrow's new lower-cost method for creating high-tech prosthetics aims to make the devices much more accessible to amputees around the world – especially children.

Researchers at the University of Manchester spent more than 10 years constructing the supercomputer, which they have dubbed SpiNNaker.

Formed between July and September 2018, the huge impact smashed through the ice at the planet's southern ice cap, sending debris into a unique pattern.

The ancient funeral practice took place when people feared the person would rise from the dead and infect people, experts revealed.

A new Boulder study claims Operation Pocket Money, a plan to deploy 11,000 sea mines off the coast of North Vietnam to cut off naval supply routes to the region, was scuppered by the storm.

The 'heartland hyperloop' would run along the I-70 corridor, the major highway traversing Missouri, and would connect Kansas City, Columbia and St. Louis.

Archaeologists developed a programme to save endless hours in the restoration of historical items. Trials were conducted on Byzantine art from Cyprus.

Ovie, a Chicago-based start-up, claim to 'make it easy for you to track what's in your fridge and waste less'. The containers have coloured discs that tell you when food is going out of date.

This combination of images provided by NASA shows a series of photographs made by the New Horizons spacecraft as it approached the Kuiper belt object Ultima Thule on Jan. 1, 2019. (NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute via AP)

The movie was put together from photos taken New Year's Eve and New Year's Day as the spacecraft made its closest approach, but not sent back to Earth until recently.

This illustration provided by Carbon Engineering in October 2018 shows one of the designs of the company's air contactor assemblies to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon Engineering acting chief scientist David Keith, a Harvard University professor, said "in the long-term, carbon removal will make sense to reduce atmospheric carbon burden, but only once emissions have been brought near zero. The idea that humanity might continue huge fossil emissions while simultaneously balancing them with removal is nutty _ you plug the leaks before bailing the boat." (Carbon Engineering via AP)

The report from the National Academy of Sciences says technology to 'suck up' greenhouse gases has gotten better, and climate change is worsening.

The largest technology show in the world kicked off yesterday in Las Vegas with an amazing set of innovations on display including a smart cat bowl, an electric skateboard and a motorised suitcase.

New pictures released this week show construction underway on the test vehicle of the SpaceX ship that could one day bring humans tourists to Mars. Musk says he is aiming for test flights this spring.

The video reveals the 3500ft borehole into Mercer Subglacial Lake, a hydraulically active lake that lies more 1000m beneath the Whillans Ice Plain on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Engineers at the University of Washington have revealed the RoboFly had taken its first untethered flaps earlier this year, and now say it could fly itself within five years.

USC researchers believe the find is the result of a fearsome shark six feet long leaping into the air to try and take down the much larger pterosaur with a wingspan of 18 feet.

One of the most cataclysmic events in the universe has been detected by Australian astronomers despite barely making a ripple through earth.

Chang'e-4 took off from the Sichuan, south-west China at 6:30 GMT, with the launch declared a success. It will perform a 'soft-landing' and land on the moon after a 27 day journey through space.

Ancient human ancestors settled in Northern Africa 2.4 million years ago, new archaeological evidence reveals. Early hominins and their material culture have previously been traced to East Africa.

The European Space Agency revealed it has signed up rocket maker ArianeGroup to develop plans for a moon base that could be used to mine material from the lunar surface.

Everything from autonomous 'people-movers' to a VR experience that lets users battle Iron Man from the backseat of a car was on display at the world's largest tech trade show.

At CES, Intel demonstrated its tech in the Hoobox Robotics’ Wheelie 7 kit, which can be retrofitted to existing motorized chairs to give the rider control using only their facial expressions.

Souza, who was the Chief Official White House photographer for U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, used Apple's new iPhone XS to take these shots for

Gorillas at Bristol zoo have demonstrated the ability to knowingly cheat at a game in order to win. Scientists say they've seen 'seen a lot of cheating behaviour' from the animals.

Researchers say the next supercontinent will form in 200-250m years. The most likely is Novopangea, where the Americas collide with the Antarctica, and into the already collided Africa-Eurasia.

Called SB>1 Defiant, the radical craft is being built by Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky - and has been revealed for the first time. It will fly twice as fast as current helicopters.'

Astronomers are now picking a favourite telescope and the four different ideas are competing to be built in the 2030s.

Unlike other pet treadmills on the market, the pricey system, debuted at CES in Las Vegas, is equipped with LED lights to motivate your cat into exercise, and allows you to set fitness goals.

The huge tank is being stress tested at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

China has also revealed it is planning to go back to the moon later this year with the Chang'e-5 lander following the phenomenal success of the ongoing Chang'e-4 mission.

Experts from British Columbia University in Canada believe they are likely to be caused by the left overs of an exploding star - or supernova - or a a supermassive black hole.

Harley-Davison showed off its first ever electric motorcycle at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Pre-orders for the $29, 799 vehicle are now open in the US, and it should begin shipping by fall 2019.

International eco-charity Greenpeace was one of the first environmental organisations to jump on the trending hashtag, sharing two photographs that highlight the effect of Amazon deforestation.

The moon rock was brought back to Earth for analysis but now 48 years on from the 1971 mission, experts have now claimed that the rock was a fragment from our planet.

Divers have been studying wreckage off the coast of Buka Island, 100ft below the ocean surface and say they have found a piece of glass that 'shares some consistencies' with landing lights from Earhart's plane.

Experts from Northwestern University studying a celestial object called AT2018cow have concluded it may be the first time the formation of a new black hole or neutron star has been captured.