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Rodolfo Montoya, of Huntington Beach, California, was allegedly plotting to murder his co-workers and Long Beach Marriott hotel (inset) guests with his cache of high-powered firearms - including two assault rifles, a pump-action shotgun and several pistols (pictured center) - following an undisclosed dispute with his HR department. But his plan was foiled when the 37-year-old cook let slip his deadly intentions to a colleague who informed Montoya was charged with manufacturing and distributing assault weapons, possession of an assault weapon and making a criminal threat. He is currently being held on $500,000 bail at the Long Beach City Jail. 'We have seen several tragic incidents that have resulted in many lives lost,' said LBPD Chief of Police Robert G. Luna (pictured left) in a press conference disclosing the arrest. ‘The witnesses who came forward and the diligence of our employees involved in this investigation very likely prevented a threat of violence and saved many lives,’ he added. Some 25 people have now been arrested over threats to carry out a mass shooting since the attacks in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, at the start of August. 

At least EIGHT prison officials knew and IGNORED orders to monitor Jeffrey Epstein in his Manhattan cell, claims an insider - while AG Barr confirms there is 'nothing' to indicate the death was not a suicide 

At least eight prison officials were ordered to assure Jeffrey Epstein, 66, wasn't left unattended in his New York jail cell, yet ignored the strict instructions, leading to his shocking suicide on August 10. Investigators say some of those eight staffers knew Epstein was on his own in the hours prior to his death. Despite orders that Epstein should be constantly accompanied, his cellmate was transferred to another cell for unknown reasons on August 9. The two prison guards on duty that night also failed to check in on him every 30 minutes, as per protocol, leaving him on his own for hours. Epstein had been held at Metropolitan Correctional Center on sex trafficking charges for over a month.

Bethenny Frankel is saying goodbye to the Real Housewives Of New York. The 48-year-old business mogul will exit the Bravo reality show ahead of it's upcoming twelfth season.

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Saskia Guerrero, 35, of Clifton, New Jersey has been identified as the woman hit and killed by a Hoboken-bound light rail train in Weehawken, New Jersey around 11pm Monday.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee, 68, revealed on Wednesday that he was dropping out of the 2020 presidential race.

Joe Biden still has the most likely chance of the 23 Democratic primary candidates in beating Donald Trump in the 2020 general elections, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Trump, speaking at the American Veterans convention in Louisville, KY, said the order would 'eliminate every penny of federal student loan debt' owed by permanently disabled veterans.

Connecticut banker who killed a 'crazed Caribbean resort worker' says he won't get a fair

The Connecticut father and businessman who is facing manslaughter charges for killing a Caribbean resort worker in front of his two young daughters has said he believes he 'absolutely' won't get a fair on the small island. However, Gavin Scott Hapgood, 44, says he has 'no choice' but to put his faith in the justice system as he heads back to the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla ahead of his pre-trial hearing on Thursday. Hapgood was with his two young daughters in his hotel room at the upscale Malliouhana resort when he alleges employee Kenny Mitchel, 27, pulled a knife and tried to rob them after claiming he came to the room to fix the sink. 'I wish the trial was today,' he admitted to The NY Post on Wednesday. 'I wish the facts were coming out today so I could move on with my life.'

DWTS host Tom Bergeron APOLOGIZES to viewers after ex-White House Press Secretary joins the cast - hours after welcoming him - saying the show is supposed to provide 'joyful respite from our political climate' 

DWTS host Tom Bergeron (left) issued a Twitter apology to viewers on Wednesday after Sean Spicer (right) was announced as a part of the show's 28th season line-up, saying he asked producers to keep political figures out of the cast. He shared a statement on Twitter (inset) saying he met with producers to request political figures be excluded from the show because the program should be 'a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate'. But the show's producers decided to 'go in a different direction'. Spicer joining DWTS has sparked outrage for his time in office where he 'lied to the public for months' as a part of the Trump administration.

Donald Trump says he'll air drop ISIS fighters into Europe, with no restrictions on the radicals' movements, if the countries they were living in before they were caught on the battlefield refuse to take them into custody.

A large number of opioid prescriptions are written for those who undergo routine widsom teeth extraction. One young mom died less than 18 months after receiving the opioids from her dentist.

Meghan Markle attempts to turn around a week of dire PR over private jets for her and Prince Harry by Instagramming her appearance at a photoshoot for her charity clothing collection

Meghan Markle looks like an excited schoolgirl in a behind-the-scenes video of a fashion photoshoot in London for the charity Smart Works shared on the Sussex Royal Instagram account today. The sweet clip comes after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have been vocal on environmental issues, provoked outrage by flying on private jets four times in 11 days this month. In the 'sneak peak' video shared to Instagram Stories, the duchess, 38, is seen helping to coordinate the shoot for the capsule collection she is spearheading in partnership with the women's charity. Smart Works, one of Meghan's first patronages, helps women, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, get interview-ready by providing them with a new outfit and coaching from a team of volunteer mentors. Meghan Markle looks like an excited schoolgirl in a behind-the-scenes video of a fashion photoshoot shared on the Sussex Royal Instagram account today. Meghan, dressed in a loose blue and white cotton shirt and dark navy skinny jeans, teamed with a pair of nude stilettos, welcomes the women arriving to take part with a huge smile and warm hugs (pictured).

Arsenio Gravesande, 28 (right), was fatally shot in the hip in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn Tuesday night and died in a hospital a short time later without divulging any information to the cops.

Melania Geymonat, 28, and her 29-year-old American date Christine Hannigan, were allegedly targeted by the youths in the early hours of Thursday, May 30 in Camden, London.

Researchers at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo reviewed eight existing studies involving 36,000 adults. The findings were published in the British Medical Journal.

Tragic moment girl, 2, wearing only a diaper is rescued from her crib and carried out of her family home by a cop after her father shot dead her mother then killed himself

A 39-year-old woman was found fatally shot multiple times inside her home in Los Angeles Monday and her husband, a man in his 60s, was discovered with a single self-inflicted gunshot wound. The couple's two-year-old daughter was found unharmed in her playpen and was carried out of the home by an officer.

America's once priciest piece of real estate has been sold at a foreclosure auction for $100,000. 'The Mountain', which boasts views of Beverly Hills, went on the market last summer for $1 billion.

The latest example of a copy-and-paste hoax began circulating Tuesday and claims 'everything you've ever posted' to Instagram 'becomes public from today' and can be used against you.

Trouble at Hitler High: Californian principal of school rocked by Nazi salute video admits the issue is more widespread as MORE shocking images emerge

Steve Osborne (top inset), the principal of a California high school, where a group of students were caught on video goose-stepping while carrying a German flag (right), has admitted that the scandal is more widespread than officials initially thought and administrators should have taken more action. 'We did a disservice to the entire school community by limiting our actions to the small group of students involved,' Osborne, said during a school board meeting Tuesday night. During the meeting, Osborne said that officials have reopened the investigation after receiving new allegations, photos and videos. One of the newly released photos shows a teenager draped in a Confederate flag (left). A second photo shows a group of students sitting in a circle (bottom inset) and giving the Nazi salute to a standing student. Osborne told an angry group of parents and teachers that 'hate speech will not be tolerated' and any student taken part in such behavior will be disciplined. On Monday, the disturbing video of Pacifica High School students from the boy's water polo team emerged. It showed the team giving the Hitler salute and singing a Nazi song during an awards ceremony.

Julian Gauthier, 44, was killed in a bear attack in Canada last Thursday in a seemingly unprovoked attack that was initiated while he slept in a tent in a remote western area of the country.

Pilot Owen Leipelt filmed as his friend's plane hit the water off Half Moon Bay on Tuesday. In the water below, pilot of the downed aircraft, David Lesh was also filming as he and his passenger were rescued.

White man on trial for manslaughter looked 'proud' of shooting unarmed black man dead in Stand Your Ground row over a parking spot and told eyewitnesses 'don't worry, it's all on camera'

Michael Drejka, 49, (left on Wednesday) shot and killed Markeis McGlockton, 28, (inset, top right) in July 2018 after confronting McGlockton's girlfriend for parking in a handicapped parking spot outside a store in Clearwater, Florida. She was in their car with her two young children. When McGlockton ran back into the parking lot, he pushed Drejka onto the ground. Drejka pulled out his gun and shot him in the chest as he backed away from him. Four months earlier, Rich Kelly (bottom inset) said he threatened him with the same thing.

Police busted the elderly residents getting hot and heavy at Grace Richardson Conservation area in Fairfield last week, during a police crackdown on public hookups in the area.

US Customs and Border Protection said it won't be administering vaccines because migrants are allegedly in detention centers for a short time and 'operating vaccination programs' is complex.

Donald Trump says he plans to end 'ridiculous' birthright citizenship with an executive

Donald Trump said Wednesday he is again considering issuing an executive order to get rid of the longstanding measure that guarantees citizenship to those born within the borders of the U.S. "We're looking at that very seriously," Trump told reporters before departing the White House to speak to veterans in Kentucky. The president said the constitutional measure is 'ridiculous' because non-citizens are able to cross over the border just to have children that could then be deemed U.S. citizens.

Katrin Jakobsdottir said she'll be in Sweden the day before Pence visits in September and isn't coming back to greet him. Trump called Denmark's PM 'nasty' for calling buying Greenland 'absurd.'

'You don't talk to the United States that way under me!' Donald Trump accuses Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen of being 'nasty' for calling his plan to buy Greenland 'absurd' after he canceled state visit in fury at territory not being for sale

Donald Trump accused the Danish prime minister of being 'nasty' when she said his plan to buy Greenland was 'absurd.' The president told reporters on the South lawn her statement on the matter 'was nasty.'  'I thought it was an inappropriate statement. All she had to do is say no, we wouldn't be interested,' he said of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen's reaction to his proposal to buy the world's largest island, which is a Danish territory. 'I thought it was a very not nice way of saying something. They could have told me no,' he said, adding: 'All they had to do is say, no, we would rather not do that or we would rather not talk about it. Don't say what an absurd idea that is.' 'She's not talking to me,' he said of Frederiksen. 'She's talking to the united States of America. You don't talk to the United States that way. At least under me.'

Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway (both pictured) will have to relocate their offices (file image) to a different area of the White House as crews work to remove asbestos.

Larry King ended it with Shawn after learning she meddled with his estate while he was in

Insiders have told DailyMailTV Larry King called time on his marriage after learning wife Shawn, was allegedly meddling with his multimillion dollar estate while he was in the hospital.The 85-year-old had been at death's door after suffering a heart attack in April and family and friends feared the chat show host wouldn't make it. A frail King (left) was seen being assisted into his home while his wife looked on, in March. DailyMailTV understands tension in their relationship finally reached a breaking point when Shawn, 59, presented ailing Larry with legal documents that would give her rights over their property and negatively impact their two adult sons, Cannon, 19 and Chance, 20.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has compiled the most comprehensive review to date of the evidence of microplastics in worldwide drinking water supplies.

Two-thirds of global viewers are continually baffled by the plot of TV and films because they are 'second screening' - watching two screens at once - a survey by Radio Times has found.

Rev. Joseph McLoone, of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Downingtown, allegedly funneled donations made by parishioners to fund his sleazy habit for at least eight years.

Beach bums! Laid-back Bill and Hillary Clinton get away from questions over whether he went to Jeffrey Epstein's 'Pedophile Island' with a casual stroll on the shore during Hamptons vacation

Bill and Hillary Clinton were spotted taking a casual stroll on the beach in the Hamptons on Tuesday, exclusive DailyMailTV photos show. Hillary, 71, dressed down in beige trousers, a short-sleeve gray hoodie, a white hat, shades and Under Armor sneakers. The former president, 73, looked sporty in a black athletic polo shirt, black shorts and neon pink tennis shoes. The two have long vacationed in the swanky New Yorker getaway spot over the summer, in past years bringing along their two dogs for a leisurely walk. The couple seemed to be in good spirits as they talked with locals on the shoreline, despite conspiracy theories swirling around their alleged involvement in the death of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and if Bill visited Epstein's so-called 'Pedophile Island'. The sighting comes after the political couple were seen posing for selfies and partying at the home of Iranian billionaire Joseph Moinian over the weekend.

Alan Dershowitz, 80, the high-profile US former lawyer of disgraced financier Jeffery Epstein has called on Prince Andrew to publicly and 'categorically assert his innocence'.

Estate lawyers and other experts say prying open the trust and dividing up the Jeffrey Epstein's riches is not going to be easy and could take years, making it difficult for victims to claim damages.

The remains of Jeffrey Epstein were laid to rest beside his parents Pauline and Seymour Epstein at IJ Morris Star of David Cemetery in Loxahatchee, Florida, it is believed.

Priscilla Doe, who lost her virginity when Jeffrey Epstein allegedly raped her, said in a court filing that Epstein dictated what she wore and how she looked during the six years she was under his rule

Jill Duggar's husband says to have sex 5-6 times a WEEK and implies they use birth control

In June, Jill, 28, shared her advise for married couples - which included quite a bit of talk about sex. Her husband Derick Dillard, 31, has followed up with his own very similar advice. He said couples should have sex frequently, starting at five to six times per week. When commenters wondered why Jill isn't pregnant again with that much sex, Derick responded that it was a 'misconception' that they shun birth control. He said his parents waited over a decade to have kids, though he didn't explicitly say that they're preventing pregnancies. Jill's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, have been vocally against birth control and had 19 kids and two miscarriages.

With its population approaching one billion, the Chinese government introduced legislation in 1979 that limited many families to just one child. It announced a two-child policy in October 2015.

'Give me the form n****r': Elderly white man is caught on camera hurling racial slurs at a black postal service employee in Texas

An elderly white man in Texas has been caught on camera hurling racial slurs at a black U.S. Postal Service employee all because he wasn't given a form. The video was filmed by a shocked customer who was standing in line behind the man at the USPS in North Dallas on Monday.  The man could be heard screaming 'give me the form' repeatedly before he launched into his shocking profanity-laced rant at the employee.  

A woman tweeted a screen shot of William-Adolphe Bouguereau's painting After the Bath on Monday after it was shared on Facebook, highlighting some interesting responses.

Charlize Theron transforms into Megyn Kelly in trailer for Bombshell

Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman are seen for the first time in Bombshell, a new movie covering the Fox News scandal surrounding the late Roger Ailes. The women, who play Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson respectively, appear in a gripping trailer which Lionsgate dropped on Wednesday showing the women in an incredibly tense scene where they barely say a word to each other. The movie will focus on the sexual harassment allegations that led to Ailes resignation in 2016 and the women who were brave enough to speak out against him.

A new study has highlighted the world's food poisoning hotspots and top of the list is Hurghada in Egypt - 380 cases have been reported since the start of 2017.

Sgt. Kizzy Adonis agreed to give up about four weeks of vacation time to avoid a public disciplinary trial under an agreement signed by NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill.

Super high-definition images of the Titanic shipwreck reveal how iconic ship has deteriorated since it was first found 13,000 feet below the Atlantic 34 years ago

The first ever 4K quality images of the Titanic wreckage were captured during a recent expedition led by Atlantic Productions. The high-definition footage has revealed the 'shocking' extent of its deterioration. The ship sits at around 13,000ft (4,000m) beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, where salt corrosion and metal-eating bacteria have worn away parts of the liner's structure. It's been filmed numerous times in the past, and real footage was even used in the James Cameron film about the tragedy (top right). The first ever footage from 1985 gave us the first blurry look at the ruins undersea.

The US House Energy and Commerce Committee sent letters to Juul, Altria and two other companies asking they turn over any research they did that might suggest they knew the health risks of e-cigs.

A new study from Rutgers University has found that brown fat is essentiall for filtering out amino acids called BCAAs from the blood that have been linked to diabetes and obesity


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Amazon forest fires can be seen from SPACE: Wild blazes that are destroying swathes of rainforest and turned day to night in Sao Paulo can be seen in satellite images

Maps showed emissions drifting thousands of miles from the Amazon rainforest in the northwest of Brazil across the country to Rio de Janeiro on the Atlantic coast today. More than 72,000 fires have raged since the year began, over 9,500 new infernos have ignited since last Thursday, according to Brazil's space research centre INPE. A massive cloud of particulate matter from the fires has already been swept out into the Atlantic Ocean and can be seen on the western coast of Africa. The news comes as President Jair Bolsonaro accused NGOs today of burning the forest to shame him for slashing their funding. Pictured bottom left, centre and right: The Amazon rainforest fire. Pictured main: A satellite image shows smoke hanging over the Amazon.

An affordable Amazon frock is going viral on Instagram thanks to endorsement from bloggers such as Grace Atwood, left. Grace said that 750 people have bought it through her link.

Canal Prods claims that Chase Robinson spent a four-day period in January watching 55 hours of 'Friends'. She also watched 'Arrested Development' and 'Schitt's Creek.'

Walmart accused Tesla of 'widespread negligence' that led to repeated fires of its solar systems and asking a court to force Tesla to remove solar panels from more than 240 of its U.S. stores.

Can YOU spot what's wrong with this bedroom snap?

Ella Martine, a singer-songwriter, from California, shared the hilarious text conversation with her eagle-eyed mother to Twitter, and racked up well over 100K likes. She had sent a mother a snap of her new bedroom (right) in the hope of receiving compliments, but her eagle-eyed parent quickly noticed something amiss. Ella tried to make an excuse, by telling her that a friend had used her room to shoot a short film.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating a mysterious neurological disorder that has been observed in Florida panthers (pictured) and bobcats.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said his past comments he made about Trump being an authoritarian referred to him being a 'tough political campaigner'. He denied being 'sycophantic'.

Rolando Jose Moore Figueroa was arrested on Friday after taking a loaded gun to school in Georgia. The campus was placed on lockdown, leaving students fearing for their lives

Baseball players face a 'very real risk' of testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) if they take over-the-counter sexual-enhancement pills, according to a memo from the MLB's New York office.

Astonishing moment thieves in London use keyless hack to steal a $95,000 Tesla in under 30 seconds

The rapid and brazen robbery was captured in the early hours of August 21 at a property in London. A hooded figure holds what appears to be an electrical pack around his neck and points a wire at the Tesla while tip-toeing towards the house. As he does so, the Tesla's headlights flash as a sign that it is now unlocked. A second figure in the background can be seen opening the driver's door and getting into the car before his hooded accomplice joins him and they speed off in under half a minute. Keyless fobs emit a short-range 'friendly' radio signal that carries only a few yards, which thieves can intercept this by using an electrical relay system, key jamming techniques and other hacks to gain immediate access to such keyless vehicles. The swift and silent technique is so successful that it's one of the major factors behind car thefts in England a Wales hit a record high.

A $76-per-hour Colombian escort girl has been shot dead in her Mexico City apartment after advertising her sexual services online. Laura Cristina Ovalle's body was found Tuesday.

'Let her be!' Smiling Pope Francis allows little girl suffering from a mystery illness to run and play on the stage as he delivers his weekly Vatican address

Francis was giving a sermon during his weekly Vatican audience on Wednesday when a young girl wearing a t-shirt that said 'love' ran up on stage and began playing and clapping. Waving away security guards, Francis told them: 'Let her be. God speaks for the children. Let her be, don't worry.' The girl's mother and father went to the stage on separate occasions and lead her back to the audience - where she could be seen sitting among rows of physically handicapped people - but each time she returned. At the end of the audience, Francis told his listeners: 'This poor girl is a victim of an illness and she does not know what she is doing. When we see a person who is suffering, we must pray.'

The 'Assisted Voluntary Return' program has paid for buses or flights for 2,170 Central American migrants from Mexico and surrounding areas according to Christopher Gascon, a U.N. official.

Researchers say 1.195 million members of the site Luscious, a forum where people share animated porn, were affected by an authentication issue that allowed access to the site's database.

How a young woman's Instagram account saved her life 

A young woman is lucky to be alive after an Instagram post prompted her to get her skin checked for melanoma. Jade Offord (pictured), from Wollongong, south of Sydney, has a large 'bite mark' in her upper arm after having melanoma removed late last year.  She had no idea the tiny freckle (circled in red on right) could be deadly until she stumbled upon the Call Time on Melanoma Instagram page, which made her weary of its changing colour.  'It was so small. Like a texta dot. But it played on my mind.'

Police have arrested nine people in connection to a wild party that took place at Tyler McBride's four-bedroom home in London, Ontario, that he rented on Airbnb. The damage will cost him $60,000.

A new report reveals Xbox users were recorded by Microsoft as part of a program to analyze users' voice-commands for accuracy and that those recordings were assessed by human contractors.

Calvin Klein model 'broke pelvis after crashing into tree on zip-line at billionaire's

Simona Andrejic (left) and a fellow young models were invited to the soirée at Chinh Chu's home (right) in Westchester, New York, on July 21. The festivities took a tragic turn when Andrejic went on the zip-line and crashed into a tree at top-speed. The 25-year-old model, who has walked the runways of Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and Calvin Klein and appeared on the cover of Elle Serbia multiple times, was injured so severely that she is now confined to a wheelchair. This week reports emerged that Andrejic has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Chu (inset), a 53-year-old former managing director of Blackstone who now runs CC Capital.

Former Miami University professor Kevin Armitage, 53, was caught by an FBI agent as he arranged to travel across states to meet a 14-year-old girl named Crystal for sex in Kansas City in May 2018.

Running Man! Brave man records his every treadmill run as he loses 42 pounds over the course of just eight months

Billy Richards, 25, recorded the time-lapse footage at his home in London. On his first entry recorded on January 1, 2019, he weighed 17 stone exactly. Just eight months later he had dropped to 13 stone and 6 pounds. He said the weight-loss left him feeling happier and healthier than ever.

Scientists from the University of Hamburg hope understanding the difference between facial pain and headaches will lead to the development of new treatments.

A Las Vegas visitor infected with measles may have exposed others at several locations at the Luxor Hotel and Casino and Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino between August 1 and 6.

Daughters are inspired to share pictures of their youthful mothers to Twitter

Proud daughters from across the globe have taken to Twitter to share photographs of their youthful mothers, as they boast about their ageless beauty. The unofficial beauty contest was started by a woman from St. Petersburg, Russia, earlier this month, after she posted a snap of her 43-year-old mother (pictured top left). Clockwise from top centre: A daughter joked her glamorous mother makes her think she's adopted; a Russian mother in the best shape of her life at 45; a mother who is 'soaking up' youth from her students, and Turkish mother who is amazingly youthful at 62.

Dick's, one of America's biggest gun retailers, has been testing the waters in pulling out of the so-called 'hunt' business, in the wake of two mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso.

New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled against the topless women. Ginger Pierro was arrested after doing yoga without her top at a beach. Heidi Lilley and Kia Sinclair went topless in protest three days later.



Viral photos capture the heartwarming moment a waiter sat and bonded with a 91-year-old

Lisa Meilander was dining at Eat'n Park restaurant in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, on Saturday when she saw server Dylan Tetil, 24, speaking with an elderly man. The teacher took photos of the moment and shared them on Facebook. She recalled how Dylan listened attentively while the lonely veteran talked about how he lost his hearing during World War II. After bringing the man his meal, the server asked if he could sit down with him. Lisa's post has been shared 69,000 times and received 235,000 likes since Saturday, with many people praising the server for his kind heart.

Adam Lockwood, 18, scales the crane in Puteaux, Paris, before taking the daring selfie.The teenager has been climbing various buildings, bridges and cranes for three years.

Russian Irek Rizaev, 21, can be seen performing tricks throughout the Kazan Kremlin on his bike. The amazing course was carefully built to protect the historical site in Russia.

Woman shocked to catch a fish with two mouths

A woman certainly bagged the catch of the day when she reeled in a fish with two mouths (pictured) on an outing on a New York lake. Debbie Geddes (inset) was fishing with her husband on Lake Champlain last week when she landed the impressive haul. She eventually let the fish go, but not before taking some pictures which she shared with a work colleague who posted them on social media. Geddes told Fox News: 'When this particular fish bit, it felt like I had a nice fish on,' she explained. 'I actually commented, "I hope it's as big as it feels!." 'When we got it in the boat I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Two mouths! And yet this fish was healthy and thriving! Pretty amazing!.


Showbiz extra

Bizarre moment lightning knocks out the power in an Italian church during the final blessing at a wedding ceremony and the congregation breaks out into applause

The footage was captured at the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi in Sicily, Italy. A clap of thunder can be heard as the congregation is plunged into darkness. After a brief period of stunned silence, the church breaks out into spontaneous applause with even the priest joining in.

A Los Angeles-based throuple will wed this December, left. Jimmy, ChaCha and Summer, right, have even inspired Summer's parents John and Kellina, left, to try polyamory for themselves. opens eight-foot-tall SAND CASTLE hotel had the enormous 'SAND'-sion built for National Sandcastle Day. It was built by master sand sculptor Matt Long, from almost 100 tons of sand. The 20-foot-wide one-bedroom hotel sleeps two. It's only open this weekend, with reservations opening August 22 at noo. The sandcastle is $29/night to rent and comes with dinner, sunrise beach yoga, and passes to Luna Park on Coney Island.